At The Drop Of A Hat (A collection of poetry)

A collection of poetry from various artists. It may make you laugh, cry or even gasp in horror, It's all in this book.
Credit to Holly51768 and Victoria Wethers for their massive contribution to the book! Couldn't have been done without you :D


19. Stains(Victoria Wethers)

Look around,

What do you see?

You see the pretty picture.

What do I see,

You may ask.


I see the stains that history has left behind.

How do I see them?

I was there in the wind.

I gathered the poor souls,

Took them to their Happy Ever After.

Their stains were left behind,

In the grass

On the sheets.

Stains littered the earth

Years after they had gone.


What do you see?

Look around you.

I know its pretty 

But open your eyes and look around

Look closer and what do you see?

I see gum coating the sidewalks

I see oil stains on pavement

I see old blood that has not washed away

I hear the screams, that stain the otherwise 

peaceful play area we take our children to.


Look around and what do you see?

I see the ever present stains that 

Only I can see.

I am Death

You are Life

You live in the present 

I live in the past

I see the stains that the souls imprint

On Mother Earth


The souls do not depart,

They are afraid they will be forgotten

I reassure them with honesty

The stains of your life,

Will not allow you to be forgotten

Come with me, you life is through

Leave behind your stain

On Mother Earth

You are afraid

As was I.

Look there,

What do you see?


A stain, blacker than any shadow.

That is my stain.

Before I became Death,

I left behind that stain

I was murdered,

Taken too soon from Life

So I am an Angel

A harbinger of Death.


Take my hand,

Paint your stain on your Death Spot.

A heart attack took you from Life

But it was your time

It'll be okay.

No one will forget you

I won't let them


Your life was long and fruitful

Although you mourned me much too long

Take my hand now

I once called you mother,

But now I call you the soul I must take

Give your hand to me,

Time to cross the biggest street.

Time to cross over to the other side

Time to start your After Life.


Good bye mother

Good bye father



Say your goodbyes and its time to go.

Paint the stain, so others may see,

If they can.


The stain of life 

Will never go away.

Those with the sight

Will not let you go forgotten.

Mother mine, come with me

The Angel of Death.

Leave the stain, next to mine.

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