At The Drop Of A Hat (A collection of poetry)

A collection of poetry from various artists. It may make you laugh, cry or even gasp in horror, It's all in this book.
Credit to Holly51768 and Victoria Wethers for their massive contribution to the book! Couldn't have been done without you :D


16. Modern Popularity (Kenn Nesbitt)

I have a half a million friends.
I'm popular. It's true!
I like them, each and every one,
and they all like me too.

I have more friends than anybody
else you've ever known.
It's nice to have so many friends.
I never feel alone.

They come from countries near and far,
from countries large and little.
Afghanistan and Zambia
and places in the middle.

From Austria to Liechtenstein,
Zimbabwe to Nepal.
My friends are from so many countries
I can't count them all.

I hope someday I'll meet my friends.
You see, we've never met.
The only way I know them all
is on the Internet.


-- Kenn Nesbitt

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