At The Drop Of A Hat (A collection of poetry)

A collection of poetry from various artists. It may make you laugh, cry or even gasp in horror, It's all in this book.
Credit to Holly51768 and Victoria Wethers for their massive contribution to the book! Couldn't have been done without you :D


20. Dream(Abdul Wahab)



Abdul Wahab




Come to me 
Like breath comes 

Be my limitless imagination 
Like the wild weeds 

No whisper of a lover 
Or any rain 
Gives me so much thrill 
Than your hoof 

I am in the dream of dreams 
When the pipers 
Steal your sweet music 
From your iron -shod feet 

My dreams make me 
Less reasonable and less decent 
But wiser and more intelligent 
Than the rest of the men 
While above the ground three feet 

You are the only friend 
Without envy 
So much strength and power 
With out any pride 

No secret between us 
When I, on you, ride 

I soar 
You fly 
With so much beauty and grace 
All my wishes, unattained 
Get the desired wings 

We are in the excursion 
Of escape and freedom 
Answers of all the questions, troubled 
A break out from the human mundane prison, 


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