When roads cross

Harry's dad is dead and now he lives with his three younger siblings and his mother in a little house in the suburbs of England.
The family is a worker-family and the story takes place in the 60's-70's.
Harry's life is without meaning and he has a hard time finding a job to support the family. That is until he meet the daughter of the richest man in town.
Two different social classes and families, which loathes one another, have their roads crossed and every prejudice get challenged and love must take the ultimate test.


7. Sixth meet


The next day he sat up in his bed. It was colder than the day before and he considered staying in bed.
"Kids! Up!"
Now he did not have to consider staying he figured. His brother was at once awaken by his mother's call and jumped out of bed. 
"It's saturday Harry! Get up!" 
Harry had forgot. For Harry all days were the same. But for his  brother it was the only day of the week, were his brother got up with ease. 
Harry thought about how much easier it was to get up, when you looked forward to the day. 
His brother ran out of the room and came back. Harry had his eyes closed and in a sudden all became wet. It was ice cold and Harry did not have to think twice about what had just happened. 
"You little shit" Harry yelled angrily after him.
His brother laughed and ran out the room with an empty glass. 
But the trick had worked, because now Harry was now up and fully awake. 
His sisters were also up. 
Down in the kitchen his mother had made scrambled eggs, bacon and baked beans. His mouth watered by the sight and smell. 
"You surpass yourself mother!" 
"It's only the 1st December once a year." She smiled and looked proud. 
Harry had also forgot this. Of course it was! 
On each of their plates there was a little present. It was a nice thought that everyday from now there would lay a little present for each of them. 
"Merry Christmas kids."
"Can we open?" Brady asked.
"Yes go ahead."
His siblings opened their present in their own way. Leah admired the present before she undid the bow, Brady torn it apart and Hilly was very careful to not wreck anything. Her unwrapping took twice the time. 
They each got a small toy.

"Are you not going to open yours Harry?" Leah asked.
"If not I would like it very much!" Brady answered at once. 
Harry and his mother laughed. 
"Brady it is Harry's. He can open it when he want."
"And I think I will wait." All his siblings looked extremely disappointed. 
Harry and his mother laughed once again.
"Okay then! Leah will you open it for me?" 
Leah jumped down her chair and ran to Harry to get the present. 
"It is yarn. How boring." Harry smiled at his mother. 
"I think I can make something out of that." 
"Looking forward to it." 
"Stripes or dots?"
"Make them wild." 

Harry's mother looked like she just had been reminded of something very important she had forgot. 
"Harry dear. It is December! We have to have a tree!"
"Oh that's right! Anyone coming?
"Yes! Me! Me Harry!" Leah answered almost standing on her chair.
"I heard you the first time. Come on then." Harry waved his hand and Leah ran for her warm clothes.
Seconds later Harry had got money from his mother and put his jacket on.
"You ready Leah?" 
"No not yet. Wait for me Harry. I try to hurry." 
Leah had only got her thick pants on. 
"Let me help you."
A few minutes later Leah was ready with thick pants, boots, gloves, scarf, beanie and coat. 
​"You look like a Christmas tree!" Harry said laughing.
That only made Leah smile even more. 

Leah walked a lot slower than usual with all the clothes and when they arrived to the place where they could buy a Christmas tree she finally complained: "This is too hot Harry!"
"What do you want me to do about it?"
"Can't you take some it? Mom usually do." She looked at him with expectation. 
Harry realized he was doomed to carry all of her clothes around town. He sighed and waited for her to take the unnecessary clothes off.
"It won't be easy to carry a Christmas tree with all of that in your hands." 
It was a girl and he looked up to see if the voice was talking to him. It was and it was Melanie. 
"No." Harry answered short. But she was right. Harry could not bear a christmas tree with all of this in his hands. 
"I guess I have to take it on myself." He started to try take on the way too small gloves and wrapped the short red scarf around his neck. 
"No Harry! You are way too big for my clothes." Leah shouted and jumped up to try to catch it from him. Harry raised his hands and continued to take on the clothes. He noticed Melanie laugh. 
"Are you saying I am fat? I think I will announce it to mom."
Leah looked bewildered at him. 
"No Harry no you mustn't. You won't will you?"
"I certainly will. Also that you won't share. I am sure Melanie agrees with me."
Leah was desperate now.  
"Oh I do. For once. I think you look quite dashing! But the little girl here is also right. You do look kind of fat." Melanie acted like she looked at Harry as if she was judging him for a fashion show.
In that exact moment Harry's world stopped for a couple of seconds. He looked at her and she was extremely pretty. 
He did not come any further in his thoughts when he saw Leah was still jumping. 
"Well then I better take it off again if you all turn against me."
Leah smiled sastisfingly and said to Melanie: "I like you."
"Oh thank you. I like you too."
"But where to put the clothes then?" Harry said.
"Let me take it." Melanie said and reached for the clothes. 
"Yeah Harry! Let her take it! Then she can follow us home and you can take the tree!" Leah's whole face lighted up. She clearly thought it was the best plan in the whole world.
"No Leah we can't. Melanie has her own tree to take."
"No, it is okay. I do not have much to do today and as I know I owe you something. Don't I?"
Harry looked down. There was nothing to do. He had to take Melanie home. For the first time in his life he was embarrassed of his home. 

All the way home Harry kept behind Melanie and Leah. Whenever they encouraged him to walk with them, he blamed the trees size for not walking along. 
It was clear Leah did not have any clue who Melanie was and Leah just kept on talking to Harry's relief.

When they arrived to the house Melanie said:
"It looks like a lovely home. It looks so cozy!"
"Don't you want to come in?" Leah already stood in the door.
"Leah I don't think Melanie wants to."
Leah looked expectantly at Melanie.
"Of course I want to Harry."
"Yeah Harry!" Leah looked mad. 
"Well Mom hasn't made enough cinnamon rolls for all of us."
Harry knew it was one of the biggest lies ever.
"She can have mine!"
"It is so sweet of you Leah but I am expected home for lunch. Another time." Melanie answered. 
Harry drew a breath of relief within himself.
"Tomorrow then!" 
Melanie looked at Harry and laughed. There was nothing Harry could do to stop Melanie in front of Leah.
"Tomorrow will be fine."
Then Leah jumped excited inside the house. Harry dumped the Christmas tree in front of the door and took Leah's clothes from Melanie.
"I am already looking forward to it." Melanie smiled at Harry. 
"Well prepare yourself. We don't have any of that truffie-stuff and only 2 bedrooms to 4 children and not the other way around."
"Sounds like a good way to bond with your family. Have a good 1st December." She smiled again and walked away. 




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