When roads cross

Harry's dad is dead and now he lives with his three younger siblings and his mother in a little house in the suburbs of England.
The family is a worker-family and the story takes place in the 60's-70's.
Harry's life is without meaning and he has a hard time finding a job to support the family. That is until he meet the daughter of the richest man in town.
Two different social classes and families, which loathes one another, have their roads crossed and every prejudice get challenged and love must take the ultimate test.


3. Second meet

"Harry that is some good story! Haha she just looked at you?"
"Yeah man I swear her nose strills were flairing!"
"Ahahaha oh man!"
They lay back against the bed. The room was covered in a thick smoke and there was a strong smell of weed.  
Harry sucked in and felt the smoke and weed rush through his lungs and body. 
Trev was still laughing and in the small pauses he take to breath he mumbled out "Oh man".
Harry just sat there waiting for him to finish. No stress.
Finally Trev's laugh died out and he turned to Harry:
"You know what? Such people you just have to take big step away from. You know just keep away. They are like the root to all evil in this country you know right?" 
Harry nodded. 
"Right. I just myself you know have them as an ideal. An ideal of how I don't want to be. When you take yourself doing the things they do, you know you are screwed. Like seriously screwed. Just fucked up."
"Yeah fucked." Harry repeated without really listening. He wasn't all that into ideals and all that shit. He was just himself. 

"Oh man I am hungry as a goat!" He sat up, then wondered for a second. "Goats are hungry animals are they not?" He looked at Harry.
"Sure they are."
"You know what I mean, let's have some food man! To the pub!"
"To the pub!" Harry yelled out. 
"Haha shh man you will just concern the parents you know."
"Oh sorry" And then they both laughed. 

They walked down to the pub, but then Harry remembered. 
"We can't go in there Trev."
"Why not? Come on, their chips aren't that bad are they?"
"No. Trev. Orh man." Trev was already in the pub and Harry had no choice but to follow. Harry kept his head down. He was ashamed to go there again without money. 
Trev ordered and told the waitress he would take it with him.
They got the food and got out. 

"What's up with you buddy? You acted all weird."
"It is just... I owe them money you know."
"Oh right. You haven't stolen in there have you Harry? Because we can't. Not in there. Not in the pub. It's a place we can't afford to loose as a friend you know."
"Yeah, yeah I know. It's just... No I haven't stolen anything Trev." 
"Okay nothing to worry about then! Have a chip my friend!" 
Harry felt he had lost Trev's interest and it was fine with Harry. 
"Was it here?" Trev stood on the spot where Harry and the girl had hit each other.
"Yeah! It was there. Right there!"
"Oh man. Oh man, oh man. Replay it for me!" 
Harry laughed and then he ran a few metres away and did an exaggerated impression of how the girl walked, talked and acted. 
They both laughed out loud. 
"You could have a future as an actor!" Trev said while he laughed.

Suddenly the exact girl and her family walked by and when the girl passed, Harry reached out a hand and wiped his greasy hands in her jacket. She stopped instantly and looked at him with disgust. 
"Excuse me young lady. That was really not on purpose. Oh it is you. still the same jacket? I may say you must be very, very glad of it, since you still show yourself in it after the care it got the last time."
The girl stamped her foot in the ground and yelled: "You, you, you bastard!"
"Melanie!" her father shouted out a few metres ahead. 
She turned around and rushed up to her parents.
"Are you sure you're allowed to talk like that in front of daddy?" Harry yelled at her and they both laughed out loud.
Her dad said: "Don't talk to those sad, dirty boys."
Then she turned around.
"No. You know what? You still owe me an apology."
"Me? An apology? To you? Ha!"
"Get out of my way. You are so rude, you should not be allowed around here."
"Sorry for being alive, but I tell you something. It really wasn't my choice. It was my father's and mother's choice. But for you, I will try not to live. How does that sound Trev? Easy right? Well for them we're probably not very alive as it"
"Stop it right now. Why are you so mean to me? What have I ever done to you?"
Harry looked at her in disgust. 
​"You and all of your pukingly perfect family are the very reason to my father's dead and there you strut along with your new, expensive, fashionable jacket with your mother and your father as if nothing is wrong and nothing is ever your people's fault while you look and talk down to the people, who you all by yourself have brought to their state. It is so sad. So yes maybe I owe you an apology. Because I feel so sorry for you."
"You are a lousy excuse for yourself." She looked him straight in the eye. Then she turned around once again and this time no one had a grin on their faces
He held his eyes on the girl while she walked away.

"Harry are you okay man?" Trev's voice was distant. 
"I'm fine" Harry smiled at Trev and thought by himself:"Like always"
"Right. You wanna go to Denise's place?" Trev asked.
"Just go ahead. I think I just you know walk home or something I'm just not in the mood."
"Great then i get her all by myself. See you." Harry put up a laugh and Trev walked away while Harry watched him until he had turned the nearest corner. 
Harry didn't want to go home and instead he walked down to the beach. 


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