When roads cross

Harry's dad is dead and now he lives with his three younger siblings and his mother in a little house in the suburbs of England.
The family is a worker-family and the story takes place in the 60's-70's.
Harry's life is without meaning and he has a hard time finding a job to support the family. That is until he meet the daughter of the richest man in town.
Two different social classes and families, which loathes one another, have their roads crossed and every prejudice get challenged and love must take the ultimate test.


8. Mom's first meet

"Hi we are home."

The smell of tomato soup hit his nose.

"Lovely sweetheart! Just for lunch."

"I smells nice mom."

"Hilly helped. Didn't you my dear?"

Harry ruffled Hilly's hair and sat down at the end of the table.

His mother started talking to Leah about getting the Christmas tree.

Harry couldn't get Melanie out of his head. He turned the ring in his pocket. Melanie had forgot to get it again. He glided his finger over the inscription and the flower's details. He suddenly felt bad about keeping it. He knew how he felt about his father's jacket.

"Harry will you answer me please?"

"What? Oh I'm sorry mom I didn't hear what you said."

"I asked whether you found a job yet."

"No mom. I havn't."

"What did you do all of yesterday? Did you remember to buy eggs?"

He did not. 

"Urgh no. I forgot. I am so sorry mom."

"It is OK. Just get a job soon, OK?"


He had been looking for months after they let him go at the factory. He could not see how there would be a job for him now when there had not been one before. Especially not now where he had stopped looking.

He did not realize they were done eating, before he and his mother was alone in the kitchen. he looked down at the soup and realized he had only eaten half the amount. 

"Harry is something wrong?"

"No not at all mom."
Harry smiled at her but she just looked at him. Damn those mother-instincts. 
"What would you say if I brought a girl home?"
"A girl? You usually don't ask." She looked at him with a grin.
Harry had brought several girls home. None of them lasted more than a week. He looked at her.
 "Is the one who carried home Leah's clothes?"
Of course Leah had told mother about it. Harry nodded.

"Of course you can bring her home. It would be a pleasure to thank her."
"But mom, she isn't just another girl. She is a bit… special. I don't know if you will like her."
"If you love her, I love her. And Leah sure loves her." They smiled at each other.
He got up and in the doorway he turned and said: "I have your word for it now."
But Harry was not sure he in any way ever would love Melanie. Not even like.
"I will make pancakes. And cocoa." 
Harry was already upstairs.

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