When roads cross

Harry's dad is dead and now he lives with his three younger siblings and his mother in a little house in the suburbs of England.
The family is a worker-family and the story takes place in the 60's-70's.
Harry's life is without meaning and he has a hard time finding a job to support the family. That is until he meet the daughter of the richest man in town.
Two different social classes and families, which loathes one another, have their roads crossed and every prejudice get challenged and love must take the ultimate test.


6. Fifth meet

"Oh my god. What in the name of Jesus did I just say?!"
"Who are you talking to Melanie?" Melanie's mother's voice came from the living room. 
"Noone mother."
"What were you doing outside?" Her father had entered the hall and looked at her over the spectacles a second before he returned to his papers. 
"Nothing. Just a bit of fresh air." 
"Darling you will get sick without your jacket. We are in November. It is freezing outside."
"Yes mother I know. I will put it on next time."

She ran up the stairs to her room and dumped onto the bed. She realized she was cold so she buried herself under the blankets. 
Something hard hit her window. Then again and she got up to look what it was. It was Harry. she sighed and opened the window. Harry saw it just before he shot another stone at the window.
"What do you want now?"
He should not get any funny ideas this time. He should not play with her.
"You forgot your ring. Again. What is it with you and me? I am beginning to wonder if you secretly want to meet me again."
"Throw it up here."
"No, no, no. It is not that easy Rich Girl. It is the second time I found your ring and brought it to you. I must get something in return."
"What do you want then?"
"I don't know." He shouted at her with his head bend back over. "Can I think about it?"
"Yes yeah sure you can." She grinned forbearingly at him.
"Good. I think I will. See you then!" 
"Hey! You come back with my ring! Or else it is thievery."
"No. How can I be sure I get something in return, if I just give you your ring. If you don't then It is betray."
"I am honest and trustworthy."
"You are a rich girl, Rich Girl. Never trust a rich girl."
"You sure are a scum." 
"Have a good day to you too." 
Did he always have to say that when she offended him? He was so weird. 
He grinned and then turned to run. 


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