Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?



The rhythmic beat of Louis' heart monitor echoed in the empty large hospital room. Louis' parents hadn't arrived yet. I guess they aren't coming.. Louis' eyes were closed my hand was in his. I almost lost him.

His parents are the most heartless people I've ever met. This is your son. The little boy you raised from the moment he was born. The doctors asked me loads of questions like how it happened. The police have been notified. They'd be here to ask questions and interrogate Louis.

He was out cold now, the hospital gown was tied in a neat bow on the back of his neck. He had his boxers on under it just because he wasn't awake when they made me change him out of his bloody clothes.

"Louis?" I whispered hid face still stayed still. He looked like a porcelain doll.

It was somewhere around midnight. 2 hours since I found him.

I tried calling Harry and the others but they were either high or passed out.

I was all Louis had right now. No matter how many nurses told me I could leave I refused to go. Something in me just wouldn't let me leave.

"Excuse me darling?" I turned to see a nurse.

"You can go home, he's safe here." She said

"I'm not going home. He's safe here yeah but I don't want him to wake up and be alone." I said

"But visitor hours end soon and-"

"He was just stabbed. I don't give one rats ass what you say I am not leaving his side. Understand?" I said with force. She nodded slowly turning she left with ease.

"That's what I thought." I said under my breath.

"Emma?" My heart leaped I looked back down at Louis

"Louis. I'm here." I said

"Where am I?" He asked squinting

"The hospital." I said he turned his head looking at me.

"Are my parents here?" He asked I shook my head.

"I knew it. I don't give a shit anyways.." He paused a moment

"As long as you're here." He said looking up at the ceiling.

"This is crazy.. Why did Dustin try to kill you?" I asked

"I wouldn't do a raid." He said

"Who stabbed you? Did he do it himself?" I asked

"Yeah.. Real lucky though.." He said

"How is this lucky?" I asked

"Cause he could have shot me." Louis said

"He has a gun?" I asked

"All of the top rank ones do." He said

"Are you crazy? Getting involved with those guys?" I said

"I needed money." He said

"For what?" I asked

"Getting the hell out of here. Getting away from my parents." He said I felt tears come to my eyes

"And me.." I said

"No.. You're coming with me." He said

"I can't." I said

"Not like we could go. They took everything I had on me.." He said

"What did you have on you?" I asked

"Phone, headphones my bracelet and about 500." He said

"Why were you carrying 500 in the first place?" I asked

"I had a successful night selling." He said I sighed

"When you get out of here I'm gunna lock you in a tower." I said he weakly smiled

"I'm already a prisoner at my parent's house." He said

"It's not a prison." I said

"REALITY is a prison Em." He said I gave him a weird look.

"I almost died today and my parents aren't even here." He said changing the subject

"Why are you here?" He asked

"Because I care about you. I felt guilty for ignoring you." I said

"There's something else right?" He asked

"You're really important to me." I said

"Anything else?" He asked

"What do you want me to say?" I asked he looked down at my hand that was still holding onto his.

"Are you as crazy about me as I am about you?" He asked I had to wait a moment to see if this entire few montes was real.

"What?" I stuttered

"I'm crazy about you Emma." He said almost like he was trying to get something off his chest.

"I also think the freckle just below your but cheek is adorable." He said


"The fact that your hair gets really straight during the night.."

"The way you make me want to sing every time I see you."

"Why are you saying all these things?" I asked

"I almost died Em.. Imagine if I DID die. You wouldn't have known all those things." He said I nodded

A nurse came in and gave him painkillers and some other medication. When she left Louis looked at his IV then me.

"Do me a favour before these meds sink in..?" He said I nodded

"Kiss me." He said I didn't argue. I leaned in locking my lips with his. He squeezed my hand. A throat cleared and I pulled away, I watched as Louis' face transformed. A stone cold glare.

"Dad. Mum." He said I looked behind me, my parents rushed in.

"Oh Emma." My mother gushed I rolled my eyes.

"We need to get you home." She said tugging on my arm.

"No, I wanna stay with Louis." I said

"You can't." She said I tugged my arm away.

"I promised I wouldn't leave." I said I looked at Louis' weak body.

"Well Emma, were your parents. You're leaving. You have school tomorrow." Mom said, my Dad came over and pulled me out of my chair. I squeezed Louis' hand tight.

"No." I said he proceeded to tug me away. Louis' drugs had put him under, I felt tears rush to my eyes.

"Let me go!" I yelled

As soon as left Louis' room I knew Louis' worst horrors were coming to life in that room.

Being dragged out of the hospital thrashing my parents put me in the back of the car.

"I hate you." I said to my father he sighed

"He'll be fine Emma."

"What if he wakes up and I'm not there?" I asked

"His parents are gunna be there." He said

"That doesn't matter! They don't care, let me go!" I shouted

"No. Emma you have school tomorrow." My dad says

"I don't give a shit about school Dad! Let me go."

"You're staying with us." He said and shut my door I rolled my eyes crossing my arms across my chest.

The first few minutes of the drive home were quiet until my mom decided to speak up.

"I didn't know you and the Tomlinson boy were together." She said looking back at me I glared at her

"We're not." I said

"Then why did you kiss him?" She asked

"Because he almost died mom." I said she nodded giving up turning around

"Don't be mad at us Emma. Why would someone even stab Louis? Obviously he did something to deserve it.." My dad said

"Are you kidding me right now dad? He almost died and all you can think to say is he deserved it? What the hell is wrong with you!" I yelled he didn't say anything I felt the angry tears coming. I hated my parents. Heartless human beings.


The next morning my Dad dropped me off at school and made sure I went inside. I didn't go to class though, I went to my locker and took out my phone. I texted Harry

"Meet me at my locker. - E."

Within minutes he was here.

"I heard about Louis. Jesus are you alright?" He said I felt the tears coming immediately I quickly threw myself into his chest feeling the tears pour down my cheeks.

"I need a ride to the hospital, will you take me?" I asked

"Yeah of course.. I'm not coming in though.. Hospitals creep me out." He said I nodded

"Thank you." I said we quickly left the school and got to Harry's Dad's car. He drove me to the front door of the hospital, I sat in the seat for a moment.

"Look Harry.. I made a mess of things.. I didn't mean to use you like that.." I said he nodded

"It's okay, I'm used to it." He said

"You shouldn't be." I said he gave me a small smile.

"Thanks for the ride, I owe you." I said I leaned across and meant to kiss his cheek but he turned to say something and the kiss landed on the corner of his mouth. I leaned away awkwardly Harry cleared his throat.

"Tell Louis to stay strong.." He said I nodded and got out of the car.

"Hey Em!" Harry called I leaned down looking at him through the window. He had rolled it down.

"If you need a ride home, text me." He said I nodded and headed inside.

I found Louis' room and walked in he was sat up and was eating off a tray, his messy hair made him look adorable. He looked up at saw me.

"Hey." He said I traveled across the room and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close. Louis winced

"Stitches." He said I leaned away

"I'm so happy you're okay." I said

"Hardly. Sure, this will heal but my psychological scars won't." He said

"If you ever need to talk..." I said he shook his head with tears in his eyes.

"You have to forget about me Emma, I'm bringing you down." He said

"How could you say that?" I said

"I mean it." He said

It was silent a moment. I took my backpack off my shoulders I unzipped it.

"I brought you something." I said reaching in

"A joint?" He peaking in

"No. It's your hat." I said pulling out the black beanie. He had a small smirk on his face.

"Thanks." He said putting it on.

"There, now you look better." I said

"You just think I look sexy with it."

"Glad to see you're back to normal." I said

"It won't last long. Trust me." He said I nodded

"Harry told me to tell you to be strong." I said he looked at the door then his plate

"You saw Harry?" He asked

"He drove me here." I said

"Oh." He said he pushed around his jello.

"You going to share that jello?" I asked plopping down on the other end of his bed, he looked up at me. He scooped up a piece and put it in his mouth.

"Come get it." He said his mouth open.

I shook my head giggling

"Exactly." He said I rolled my eyes

"You scared the shit out of me." I said suddenly remembering the horrible night.

"I didn't want you to see me.. I thought if I could just make it home I could wake up my parents.. Or something.." He said

"I saw you fall." I said

"Yeah, I saw you get up and run.. I knew you were coming to me." He said

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch." I said he stuck another cube of jello in his mouth

"Me too."

I reached over and took his hand. He looked up at me.

"Don't ever do anything with Dustin ever again.. You have to testify." I said

"Are you crazy? I'm not going to snitch. Snitches don't last on the street. I'll be stabbed or shot by the end of the week." He said

"Why did he stab you?" I asked

"I quit working for him." He said

"He almost killed you.. Just for quitting?" I asked he nodded

"What a jerk.." I said

"Emma.. You have to stay away from me for a while." He said

"Why?" I asked

"Dustin will want to finish the job.. Or he'll kill you." He said

"No he won't. This isn't an action movie Louis." I said

"He stabbed me Emma. How can you not believe me?" Louis said

"Ok.. I'm sorry. I'm not staying away from you if he's gunna come after you again." I said


"No. You don't get to make decisions for me." I said he just stared at me

"Don't make this harder than it has to be. Soon you won't have a choice.. My parents were talking about moving.." He said

"No. You're not moving." I said tears coming to my eyes. It was silent in the room as a nurse came in taking the tray out of the room.

As she left she closed the door again

"It's not my choice Emma." He said

"Bullshit. You want to leave. You want to leave me in the dust behind you." I said he shook his head

"It's not like that Em."

"I hate you Louis. I hate you." I said he stared at me with those ocean blue eyes. He shook his head

"No you don't." He said leaning over and locking his lips with mine. He whimpered as the pain of stretching his stitches surged through his body, I crawled closer to him. He put his hands on my cheeks I gripped his hospital gown. He dropped his hands to my waist and pulled me onto his lap. I felt the familiar craving growing in me. I quickly pulled away, he licked his swelled lips.

"We can't do this on your hospital bed." I said he groaned

"I get out in a few days.. Promise you won't hate me again?" He asked I nodded I checked the clock on the wall.

"You gotta go?" He asked

"You wish." I said and pulled him in again

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