Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?



Emma's POV

The next few days I tolerated walks home with Louis until I found myself kind of enjoying them. He brought his skateboard the other day and tried to teach me how but I wasn't having it. 

Today he was having some of his friends over so we would have to walk with them. As the bell rang Louis came over to my desk as usual. When we got to the doors we usually walked to he pulled out a cigarette. 

"I thought you were quitting?" I asked he shrugged

"That lasted for like an hour." He said 

"Whats so great about smoking anyways?" I asked 

"When I started I was about 13 so it was mostly the thrill." He said I rolled my eyes 

"Hey! You little fucker! I haven't seen you in days!" I cringed at the fowl language. 

"Hey Mate!" Louis yelled a curly haired boy rang over wrapping his arm around Louis' shoulder, That's when he saw me.

"Ohh, Who's this?" He asked I examined his body. Arms covered in ink and piercings. Of course. 

"Harry this is Emma.. Emma this is Harry" Louis said I stuck out my hand

"Harold." He said and took my hand kissing it. Louis snorted 

"Easy mate." Louis said 

"Haz! Are you flirting?" I noticed a girl with slick long brown hair she had a silver nose ring in on the left side and a lip piercing on the right. 

"Y'know me Zee." (Zehra that's your nickname;)) He wraps his arm around her shooulders leaving Louis. 

The rest of his friends were covered in tattoos as well. Where did they meet each other anyways?

Besides "Zee" there were 3 other girls. Sofia, Vanessa and Melanie. They each had their hands on one of Louis' friends. Louis was the odd one out. 

"Where's Casey and Anna tonight?" Louis asked 

"They went to a party.. Why? Worried about your fuck buddy?" Harry says smirking

"Anna is none of my concern" Louis said 

"Mmhm." Harry says lighting a cigarette. Louis and I were walking in the back of the group I liked it that way.. That Harry was a perv from what I could tell.

A boy with black hair and dark eyes turned around holding out something that looked a lot like a joint to Louis. He took it. 

"Is that weed?" I asked him lowly he nodded holding the smoke in his mouth before breathing it out slowly he held it out to me I shook my head.

"Just take it." He said I shook my head again he kept his eyes on me as he took more of it in. He blew it in my face slowly and I felt hazy. 

"Why would you do that? My parents will smell it on me" I said 

"You're coming over.. We'll wash your clothes and you can wear some of mine till they are clean." He said like he'd planned it. 

"What if I don't want to come over?" I asked

"Then I guess Mama bear and Papa bear are in for one hell of a shocker" He said. Just when I thought Louis was half decent he pulls this stunt. 

"Don't be a hog pass it up!" I jump back but get shoved down by a blonde boy rushing for the joint. I fall to the ground landing on my side. 

"Oops.." Blondie says 

"Watch out Niall jesus." Louis says they laughed it off and continued walking. Louis stuck his hand out, I took it pulling me up our chests collided our faces inches away. I was the first one to lean away. Picking my bag up from the ground. 

We walked after all his friends, they laughed and shoved each other passing their joints back and forth. 

"Are we going to your place Tommo?!" Harry asked. 

"Yeah" Louis says 

"To Tommo's! Woo!" He shouted laughing he was defiantly high. 


Arriving at Louis' he used his key and opened the door they all headed down the stairs into the basement I could tell this was their hang out. It had sofas a big TV and all sorts of stuff like a pool table. It had a bunch of stuff. A regular teenage boys dream. 

"Here, I'll take you up and we can get your stuff washed." Louis says I nodded. I followed him up into his room which was very messy he went into his closet and handed me stuff. 

"My bathroom is right over there" He said I nodded I looked at the clothes he had given me and took my own off pulling the black Slipknot shirt over my head and the black mesh basketball shorts. I folded my stuff up and he led me down the hall into a laundry room. He threw my stuff inside and threw a cup of detergent in and started it. 

"Do you wanna go back down?" He asked 

"Do I have any other options?" I asked he bit his lip then shrugged he lead me back down stairs and every one was doing something the room already smelt like weed and cigarettes. 

Harry and Zee were sitting on the couch his arm around her shoulders as they choked on each other's tongues. Niall and the dark haired guy were playing pool. Sofia and Melanie were playing air hockey and Vanessa and a boy with chocolate brown eyes were playing xbox. Louis lit a cigarette and guided me over to the couch. 

He picked up his laptop from the table and opened it. 

"I was thinking about getting a new tattoo but I don't know which one to pick.. I need your help." He said I nodded. He set to laptop on his lap and I leaned close to him to see the screen. 

He flicked through pictures and I didn't see any I liked until on of them. 

"Wait stop." I said 

"I like that one" I said I pointed to one it was a red rose that looked like it was leaking black ink. 

"You like that?" He asked 

"Yeah it's beautiful." I said 

"Where are you getting it?" I asked 

"I was thinking near my wrist I have space there. Or my elbows.. I don't know yet." He said he looked up at Harry 

"Hey Haz when you got your Lightning bolt down did it hurt?" Louis asked Harry pulled away from Zee and turned his arm revealing a black lightning bolt about and inch wide and 5 inches long, the middle of it was on his elbow.. 

"A little bit... Not much worse than anywhere else." Harry says, Louis nods. Harry looked over at me

"Got any tattoos or piercings?" He asked 

I shook my head. He snorted. 

"You really wanna judge me?" I asked he nodded 

"I am sweetheart." He said I rolled my eyes and looked back at the tattoo once more. Louis printed it. 

"Wanna go with me when I get it?" He asked 

"I can't even if I wanted to.. I don't like needles or anything like that." I said he nodded 

"Maybe we should all get matching tattoos on our asses" Niall said plopping down on another sofa. 

"Would you let go of the ass tattoos already Ni?" Zee asked 

"Zee.. Suck my dick. K? I mean I still think it's a good idea." Niall said 

"Didn't the tattoo artist already tell you, your ass is too squishy?" Louis asked 

"I forgot." 

"What did you want to get tattooed on your butt?" I asked he looked over at me 

"Wow.. She talks." He said 

"Sometimes" I said 

"Well, I wanted to get a stamp that said "Made In Ireland" with a shamrock but the said my ass was too squishy so.. I got it on the back of my neck like they said I should." He said 

"Can I see?" I asked he turned around and pointed to it.

"Cool" I said 

"It matches his sister's" Zee says 

"Zee. Shut the fuck up" Niall said she laughed 

"I'm going to go play pool with Zayn" She said to Harry he shrugged and gave her a "Like I care" look and she pecked his neck before leaving. 

"So how long have you two been fucking?" Niall asked, Harry smirked

"Why do you wanna know? Do you miss when you were the one to make her scream?" Harry chuckles 

"Nah, She was too wild for me.." He said 

"Well.. I've been sleeping with her for about a week or so.." He said

"Every night?" Niall asked raising his brows. Harry smirked Niall put his fingers in a V shape and wiggled his tongue between them Harry chuckled and threw a pillow at him. He took a cigarette out of the square box on the table and lit it with a blood red zippo with a black H on his in the same font as the AC/DC logo. He lit it sticking it between his lips.

"Can I try that?" I asked before I could stop myself Harry raised his brows but smirked leaning across the table between us to hand it to me. No going back now.

I took it and didn't entirely know what to do. I saw Louis looking at me in the corner of my eye. 

"Nice try Innocence." He says taking it from me. 

"Innocence?" I asked 

"I like that.. Innocence." Harry said taking the cigarette back from Louis.

"I don't" I objected 

"Don't pout.. I doesn't look good on you." Louis said he closed his laptop. Zee came back over taking the cigarette from Harry and laying on the couch putting her head on Harry's lap. 

"Oi, Louis.. Got any weed?" Melanie asked her Australian accent was strong.

"Yeah top drawer Zack just gave me loads." Louis said 

"Great salesman my brother." Zee says 

"I don't get why you don't get him to give me that shit for free, I've spent lots of money of that shit." Louis said 

"The stop working at that Toys 'R' Us and get a job at the garage with the rest of the boys." Vanessa says turning around.

"My mom says it's too dangerous." Louis said 

"Oh please. The only thing dangerous about working there is your colleagues not liking you and bashing your skull in with a tire iron." Harry said taking a hal on his cigarette. 

"But it's also my uncle's shop! The dude loves you. He'll give you a job for sure the pay is good and you know everyone who works there." Harry adds.

"Plus you're aloud unlimited visitors" Melanie says lowly in Louis' ear. I shifted uncomfortably. 

Melanie sits cross legged at the table and gets out paper.. She lays green stuff obviously weed in a line rolls it and licks it sticking it down she lights it. She looks at Louis and crawls over to him and blow it in his face, he closed his eyes. 

"God why don't you two just fuck already?" Zee grumbles. Louis smirks at Melanie who winks. 

"I'm going to go check if my clothes are done." I said getting up quickly. I didn't like these people. They weren't my type.

I skipped up the steps and into the laundry room and checked my clothes only had to dry and they'd be done. I threw them into the dryer. 

"Y'know.. I can't figure you out." I turn to see Louis in the doorway. 

"I've got you figured out. I know exactly what type of guy you are." I said 

"Oh.. Please do tell me" He said 

"You're the type of guy that sleeps around and doesn't plan on going anywhere in life. You won't get any success in life because all you do is lay around and smoke weed and hal on cigarettes." I said hastily

"Wow.." he says "Here I was thinking we were making progress, I thought we were becoming friends" He said I shook my head. 

"People like me and you.. We can't  be friends. It never works out." I said 

"How do you know? Have you jumped into the future and came back? I've known you for about a week and a half Emma. I know you and me would be good friends" He said I shook my head 

"I don't want to be your friend. I don't like the people you hang out with they're a bunch of fowl mouthed walking definitions of one night stands." I said 

"Those are my friends you're talking about Emma. I care about those people." He said 

"Especially Melanie.." I muttered 

"Is that really what this is about? Jealousy? You're jealous that another girl was flirting with me? You've got to be shitting me right now Emma." Louis said 

"I wasn't jealous." I stated

"Were too" 

"Was not." I said 

"Were too." Louis said 

"Was not" I said Louis charged over to me backing me into the wall. 

"Was too." He said

"Was not" I said as he leaned his face towards mine. 

"Was too" he whispered his lip grazing mine.

"Was n-" I was cut off by Louis pressing his lips to mine, I felt the cold metal of his lip ring. This was the fastest most heated kiss I have ever experienced in my life. His hips pushed against mine. I took handfuls of his shirt. He leaned away long enough to scoop me up by my thighs and hastily shove laundry off the counter sitting me on it standing between my legs.

He was a very  good kisser. I was enjoying this. He put his hand along my jaw and tilted his head to the side deepening the kiss. I pulled the collar of his shirt down. I heard the fabric stretching. He put his hands in my hair and lightly pulled my head back he kissed at my neck looking for a sweet spot. 

When the dryer stopped and the beeping started, I moved Louis back sliding off the counter. 

"I have to get dressed" I said

"Or I can just undress you here and we can finish what we started." He said. 

"Maybe next time" I said he bit his lip 

"Now get out, I need to change." I said he shook his head smirking 

"I'll get you." He said 

"Don't count on it." 


HEELLLLO So I was if you reuested to be put in and you like your spot or character tell me if you don't tell me and I'll try to change it up :) I can't promise anything though :)

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