Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?


11. TEN

Emma's POV

About 3 days later Louis and I still weren't talking to each other.

Harry and I on the other hand he comes over sometimes and we kiss for a bit but he always stops us from having sex. For some weird reason it's like he's avoiding it.

Harry stood outside my class. I walked out he immediately out his arm around my shoulders.

"What are we doing today innocence?" He asked

"Stop calling me that, I'm not that innocent." I said

"It's still your nickname." He said while walking towards my locker we passed Louis, I caught his scent as he shuffled past me.

"So, you never answered my question." He said

"How about you come over?" I asked

"Aren't your parents coming home yet?" He asked

"No.. They won't be home for a bit more their flight was delayed." I said

"Where are they anyways?" He asked

"LA." I said he nodded

"So, you'll come over?" I asked

He nodded

I got my stuff and we left, kids piled out of the school. I saw Louis and a few of the others he looked at Harry then me, taking a drag of his cigarette he looked away.

Harry didn't even notice. When we got to my house we got snacks and headed up to my bedroom, we laid down our bag of chips between us on my bed and turned on the tv checking the movie network. We picked out Transformers.

"So how was your day at school today?" I asked

"Boring. Yours?" He asked crunching down on a chip.

"Crappy." I agreed

"Life and it's wonders.." He said


"Why didn't you have lunch with us today?" I shrugged

"I didn't stay long either, I was too nauseated by the flirting Louis and Melanie were doing." He said

"Flirting?" I questioned

"Yep, making out too." He said I nodded. I looked up at him he raised his brows at me chuckling I leaned over to short distance between us and kissed his lips, he bit his lip. He put one of his large hands behind my neck and pulled me against his lips again. I clutched at his flannel.

He rolled over, hovering over me.

He kissed my neck and down to my collar bone. I moaned lightly. He smirked against my neck.

He leaned back up his face hovering over mine. I found his dogtags that were around his neck and pulled down on them slowly guiding his face down to mine.

I tucked my knees at his sides, he

dropped down lower, our stomachs touched and I groaned against his lips. He pulled away. I pulled on his puffy bottom lip with my teeth.

He looked me in the eyes, I didn't quite know what to say.

"Are you ready to prove to me how, "not innocent" you are?" He asked lowly. I knew what he was asking me for and I don't know if it was my teenage hormones again or if Louis had me really angry and jealous but something compelled me to nod. He smirked. Pushing my top up with one of his hands he clutched my side with the other one and kissed my naval and stomach.

I arched my back lightly. He pushed my shirt all the way up and over my head and looked at my half naked body. I pulled his shirt off, noticing all the tattoos I couldn't see before he had a large butterfly on his stomach and tattoos on his rib cage going down to his hip bones.

"You have a lot more than I thought." I said

"Yeah I want more too." He said

"Are you gunna be one of those guys who just covers his body in tattoos?" I asked

"I don't know." He said. I giggled and pulled his face back down at mine.

He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down panties coming down too. I felt revealed so I took off his jeans and managed to get his boxers too, I moved some of the condoms into my drawer so I reached over and grabbed one. I didn't watch as he put it on. He pushed into me not to gently, I bit my lip he leaned down kissing me. His thrusts weren't very gentle either. He kissed and sucked at my neck.


Harry collapsed down beside me, we were both out of breath.

"Holy shit innocence.." He said

I smiled

"Who took your virginity again?" He asked

"A guy back home." I said he nodded

Harry's phone started to ring in his jean pocket, he reached down


"Gem? Where's Mum?" He said he looked a bit worried

"God damn it Gem! I'll be home soon!" He said I got up getting dressed and Harry got dressed after hanging up his phone.

"Is everything alright?" I asked he nodded

"My little sister is just an idiot." He said (again, I know Gemma is older than Harry but I like the younger sister idea.)

I nodded he got his shirt and sweater on and we walked down the stairs together in a rush. Harry threw open the door and Louis stood there with envelopes in his hand. Eyes wide as he saw me dressed in my jeans with my flannel shirt undone and Harry leaving. Louis diverted his eyes, jaw clenching Harry patted his back as he rushed by, I looked at Louis awkwardly

"Your mail came to my house, my parents made me bring it over so." He didn't look at me. He handed the envelopes over. I held my shirt closed

"Looks like you move on quickly." He said

"That's not fair." I said

"Fair?" He said raising his brows

"Yes. Fair. We weren't anything you didn't want that. You can't act offended because I slept with another guy." I said

"You didn't sleep with him." He said

"Wanna bet?" I said Louis looked at me with a lot of different emotions on his face and eyes not one of them was positive.

"Who are you anymore?" He asked I glared at him

"Who are you to judge me?" I said

"I haven't slept with anyone since me and you. But you? Yeah.. Keep opening your legs Em, great work."

"Oh yeah? Before me how many girls had you been with?" I asked

"5." He said I really wasn't expecting him to answer "A few times each girl." He said

"You're gross." I said he laughed

"You're pathetic Emma.. You really are." He said

"Yeah whatever. Go stick your tongue down Melanie's throat." I said

"Did Harry tell you about that?" Louis asked

"He also told me he could hardly keep his food down." I said

"Wow. You really are pathetic Emma but do you know what you also are?" He asked

"What?" I asked

"Stupid." He said I glared at him

"How am I stupid?" I asked I realized my volume was getting a bit loud and we were outside, our whole neighbourhood probably heard us. I pulled his arm dragging him into my house.

I shut the door he tugged his arm away. I put the envelopes on the ledge.

"How am I stupid Louis? Explain to me." I asked annoyed

"You fell for the oldest trick in the book Em." He said

"What trick?" I asked

"The jealousy trick. Harry used me to get you to sleep with him." He said

"No he didn't."

"Emma! C'mon open your eyes!" Louis suited aggravated

"Why would he use you to get me jealous?" I asked

"Because he knows you have a crush on me."

"I don't have a crush on you." I said

"Well it worked didn't it? In jealousy you threw yourself at him and let him fuck you." Louis said I put my hands over my face at how absolutely right he was.

"Exactly." Louis said

"Ok! You proved your point are you happy now?! I'm a. Idiot whatever but that doesn't change the fact that you're a emotionless asshole that doesn't get that people have feelings!" I shouted he examined my face.

"I've never been so described so perfectly but the part you missed is that... I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT PEOPLE'S FEELINGS!" He finished off shouting I felt tears coming to my eyes.

"God what did I do?" I cried

"Are you really looking for sympathy from me when you just fucked my friend to get back at me?" He said

"No, I'm giving sympathy to myself for actually sleeping with you. Thinking you were a good person. It even feels more idiotic then letting Harry trick me." I said

"Haha really fucking funny Emma." He said annoyed

"By the way, Harry is better in bed than you." I said

"Keep telling yourself that Emma, whatever keeps you from missing me right?" He said reaching for the doorknob.

"Don't act like you don't miss me." I said he snorted

"I'm not acting. I don't miss you." He said I felt a tear roll down my cheek

"Get out." I said

"Gladly." He said swinging the door open and leaving closing it behind him. I started to sob. I was such an idiot. I let both Harry and Louis trick me. I was naive and stupid. I was blind enough to let them slip by me.


The last few days I'd been skipping but my parents came home last night which means I'm going to school today. I sighed and got dressed. I wore a black Rolling Stones Tshirt, a black hoodie and a pair of black jeans I slipped on my black converse and left for what was surely going to be the worst day ever.


By lunch I hadn't seen Louis yet, or Harry any of them for that matter. I opened my locker grabbing my money. I tucked it in my hoodie pocket and closed my locker, my hood was still up as I walked through the halls, I walked across the road and into the supermarket. I went into the drinks isle and grabbed a bottle of grape soda I backed up and bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry." I said

"That's alright...Emma." I looked up from under my hood and immediately tried to leave the isle. He gripped my arm tight.

"What do you want?" I hissed he shrugged

"Did you follow me in here?" I asked

"Actually.. I was already here but when I saw you walk in yeah I followed you." He said

"Why? Want to ruin my life more?" I asked he chuckled

"Are you still pouting about what happened a few days ago?" He asked

"Yes Louis I am. I got tricked into having sex with someone. It feels pretty shitty." I said he chuckled and grabbed a grape soda.

"No put that back." I said

"Why? I can't have grape soda?" He asked

"Yeah. It's mine." I said he raised his brows and chuckled shaking his head. He pulled a cherry soda off the shelf.

"I haven't seen you in a few days.. Been skipping?" He asked I nodded turning around and looking at the snack selection.

"Is that on my behalf or Harry's?" He asked

"It's actually none of your business." I said

"Ouch." He said

"Can you just leave me alone?" I snapped

"Remember the first night we met?" He asked I tried to ignore him.

"Did you think I didn't see you?" He asked I turned to him and gave him a look saying "shut up."

"I saw you.. Looking at me through your window.." He said I sighed and picked up a small bag of potato chips.

"You were my cute shy virgin neighbor.. That watched me through your window every night.." He said

"Now what am I to you?" I asked

"My sexy neighbor that every time I look at you I see you under me." He said I grumbled and pushed him aside.

I walked away from him only to have him follow me. I groaned

"Go away." I said

"C'mon Emma. Just hang out with us again. They miss you." He said

"Oh so this little stalking period of yours was on behalf of your group of friends?" I said stopping he stopped standing in front of me.

"Yeah. Well kinda.. I promise if Harry bothers you I'll kick his ass." He said

"Harry's not really the problem." I said

"Then what is?" He asked I raised my brows it took a moment to set in

"Really? You're mad at me more than Harry? He tricked you into having sex with him." Louis said

"And what do you call what you did? From what can tell you've done it twice." I said

"Hardly. Em that was both of us. It was what we both wanted." He said

"How about this Louis? I'll stick to be your neighbour that used to be your friend and you'll stick to being my douche bag neighbour that makes me sick." I said and started walking again he stopped me again.

"Louis touch me one more time I dare you." I said

"But.. You didn't even ask me truth or dare yet.." He said I felt the corners of my mouth pull up. I tried to walk away again and Louis took my hand. Holding it tightly he pulled me down the hall. Dropping his soda and taking mine and throwing it into someone's cart he dragged me out of the supermarket.

"What are you doing?" I hissed

"Just shut up and follow me." He said he pulled me down and I recognized where he was taking me.

"Louis what the hell are you doing?" I snapped and managed to get my hand free.

"I wanna show you something. You're going to have to trust me." He said

"And if I don't?" I said

"You do." He said I sighed as he started pulling me again. We walked into his house and up the stairs, he went into his room and dropped my hand. He went into his drawers and shuffled through.

He got more anxious through out his search.

"That mother fucker!" Louis yelled slamming his last cupboard

"What's wrong?" I asked

"My dad! He's a fucking douche bag!" Louis said charging out of his room. He went down the hall and tried the doorknob and it opened, his parents room was really nice and clean. Louis rampaged through everything searching

"What are you looking for?" I asked

He placed his hands on the dark wood desk.

"My book.. It has everything in it my scratches, songs, journal entries.. He must have found it." Louis said

"Why would he want it?" I asked

"His usual cruel ways of punishing me.. Beating me, yelling at me, and of course destroying my things. He probably burned it." Louis said

"You wanted to show me it?" I asked he nodded

"Now this asshole went and destroyed it!" Louis yelled and took a frame with a picture of his dad in it an threw it to the floor.

"Louis, it'll be okay we'll find it.. What was in it you wanted to show me?" I asked

"It was a drawing of.. It was a bird a dove to symbolize peace. I fucked up. Now all my drawings and shit that I've been putting in that book for years are gone. He said

"You don't know that, it'll turn up somewhere." I said

"Yeah he'll drop the bag of ashes on my desk and started laughing." Louis said

"He'd do that to you?" I asked

"He HAS done it to me. I had a book once, I'd bring it everywhere. It was a copy of The Great Gatsby it was real old. Then my dad took it from me as punishment and burnt it and gave me a little bag of ashes and told me what it was I cried for hours." Louis said

"How old were you?" I asked

"About 9 or 10."

"Jesus.." I said

"Would he really do it again?" I asked

"Yeah.." Louis said he looked at the broken frame and spit on it.

"C'mon." He said leading me out.

"I'd like to go home now." I told Louis he nodded

"I'm not gunna stop you." He said as we walked down the stairs, he opened the door and before I walked out I hugged him around the waist after a great deal of hesitation.

"Sorry about your book." I said as I walked out.

"Wasn't your fault." He said

By the time I got back to school I was 15 minutes late for my class.

I can't believe I actually felt sympathy for him. He was right.. I am stupid and pathetic

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