Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?


1. ONE

Emma's POV

I shut my laptop. The first day of school was tomorrow.. I had checked and re-checked if I was 100% prepared. I felt like I was missing something.. I leaned back in my chair, I heard the sound of a skateboard coming down the road. I looked out the large window to my left and watched him go by. Headphones in hand in sweater pockets as he skateboarded down the road. A black beanie on his head. I didn't know who this guy was.. My neighbor? Just a visitor? I wondered if he went to my school. I watched in curiosity. He stopped and flicked the board up into his hands he glanced over at my window and I quickly looked away. He walked into the house beside mine. 

I sighed leaning toward my computer once more. The image of him glancing up at me repeating in my head. Due to the darkness outside I couldn't capture any of his features. 

"Emma!" My mother calls my name I grumble getting off my chair. I walked out and leaned over the banister. 

"We invited the neighbors over for dinner earlier. Make yourself presentable." My mother says 

"Wait.. Which neighbors?" I asked to the right.. They have a son about your age, Maybe you guys can ride to school together or something." She suggests my heart sinks. Oh god.. I had just been caught staring at my dinner guest. 

"Uh.. Yeah.." I said rushing into my room. I did what my mother said. I got dressed nicely in a maroon dress and a black cardigan. I brushed my long straight brown hair and pulled it over my shoulder, slipping on a pair of black flats I checked myself in the mirror once more. 

The doorbell sounded and I breathed out a sigh. 

"Don't be creepy." I told my reflection. I walked down the stairs as my parents answered the door. I stood at the end of the stairs. My mom and dad greeted and welcomed them. I didn't see a son though. 

"Please. Follow us." My father says leading them into the dining room. 

We all sit at the table. My parents at the heads of the table and my new neighbors sitting across from each other on my Dad's side. An empty seat across from me where their son was supposed to be sat. 

"So what's your son's name?" Dad asks 

"His name is Louis.." his mother says

"Oh, That name isn't very popular anymore.." My mom compliments 

"I haven't heard of a lot of Emmas lately either." Louis' mom compliments me I give her a kind smile. 

There was a knock at the door. 

"Emma, Will you mind getting that?" Dad asks 

"That's probably Louis, He said he'd be running late." His mother announces I nodded getting up fixing my dress. I walked down the hall and into the foyer. I breathed out a sigh and opened the door. I almost gasped at the appearance of the boy standing before me. He had tattoos all up his arms.. Piercings on his face and a line of black eye-liner under his eyes making the blue in them pop. 

He wasn't dressed very nicely. Black jeans a pair of red scruffy vans and a black and red rolling stones tshirt. 

"Is this the Kenner house?" He asked I couldn't get any words out 

"Hello? Is anyone in there?" He asked waving his hand in front of my face

"Oh! Um.. Sorry yeah, You must be Louis. Come in." I said he nodded walking in. I remembered the black beanie on his head. 

"Yeah, That's my name.." He sighed 

"My names Emma" I said stretching out my hand he looked at it then looked away

"Wheres the food?" He asked

"In here." I said leading him down the hall. When we entered the dining room I noticed my parents eyes getting wide. My dad dropped his fork on his plate my mom choked on her water drinking more. Louis' parents  looked embarrassed. 

"Son, Please sit." Louis' father says Louis walks in he sits down I take my spot across from him. He takes one look at all of us. He shrugs and grabs the food with his hands even his potatoes. 

"I thought I asked you to wear your hoodie and take out your piercings.." His father whispers to him. 

"It's not like the holes would magically disappear." Louis said scooping a spoonful of peas into his mouth. 

"It's better than having a jewelry store on your face." His father whispers 

"I came didn't I? I mean fuck dad. The reason I did come is because you didn't make me any food. Who gives a shit what I do with my body? I mean jesus get off my dick." Louis said my mouth fell open I quickly closed it. 

"Louis." His mother scolded from across the table. 

"Oh here it comes. "Gang up on Louis time!" haven't you guys gotten sick of this game already? cause I have. How about for once just keep your mouths shut." Louis snapped. 

"Emma... Why don't you take Louis for a tour?" My mom says 

"Mom." I said under my breath 

"Annoying isn't it?" Louis asked me, I couldn't answer. 

"I'll take that tour if you're up for it." He said I nodded we got up from the table. We walked out of the dining room. 

"I need some air." I said we walked to the french doors at the back of the house and I opened them. 

I breathed in the cool air. 

"Sorry my parents are annoying." He apologizes 

"They aren't annoying.." I said 

"Are you fucking kidding me? Of course they are." He said

"I don't want to anger you but I would love it if you'd stop swearing." I said he chuckled 

"Whatever." He said we stood there for a second the only light was coming from the lights in the pool. 

Louis dug into his pockets. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and lit the cigarette. 

"You can't smoke here." I said 

"Why not?" He asked 

I didn't say anything 

"Is there any thing else you wanna tell me I can't do?" He asked 

"Yeah, Don't be an asshole." The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. 

"I am so sorry" I apologized he raised his eyebrows and blew out the smoke from his cigarette. 

"Wow.." He said 

"Wow what?" I asked 

"You.. It's actually sad seeing how fucked up your parents have you." He said 

"I'm not.. effed up." I said he smirked 

"Effed.." He repeated 

"Who are you to talk when it comes to effed up.. I mean you're the one wearing makeup." I said 

"Oh.. I see I'm fucked up because I wear make-up? So I guess more than 80% of the female population is Fuck up as well?" He asked 

"That's not what I was saying." I said he took a swig of his cigarette and chuckled breathing the smoke from his nostrils. 

"That's exactly what you meant. I mean babe.. I just met you like 5 minutes ago and I already feel bad for you." He said 

"Well... I couldn't give less than one crap about you." I said he chuckled 

"Well.. Someone took an extra sip from the bitch cup this morning." He said I glared at him he flicked his cigarette.

"Go pick that up." I demanded 

"Make me." He said taking a step closer to me, I backed closer to the doors. 

"Seriously.. This is my backyard not an ashtray." I said 

"Are you going to make me get it love?" He asked. I shook my head biting my lip. 

"Then you go get it." He said 

"It's your garbage" I said

"Yeah.. But I really could sleep tonight knowing it was there unlike you.. Little miss proper." He said I rolled my eyes 

"Stop being an asshole and just go pick up the cigarette." I said getting angry. He laughed 

"You're pathetic." He whispered I brought my hand back and tried slapping him. He caught my wrist and backed me into the wall. 

"Wanna try that again sweetheart?" He said our faces were inches apart. 

I didn't say anything I was just out of breath. 

"That's what I thought." He said He examined my face once more. 

"Go to hell." I whispered 

"I'm pretty sure that's where I am going." He said with a chuckle then released my wrist walking over to the fence and climbing it dropping into his backyard. 

I walked over and picked up the cigarette butt. I threw it into his backyard and quickly ran inside. 

Welcome to London... I thought to myself and shook my head. 


I wanna go home.


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