Battle (Punk Louis)

Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is a long ways away from her friends.
Will it become even worse when she discovers her not-so nice neighbor or will it change for the better?




Emma's POV

"Emma! Are you almost ready?!" My mother yells up the stairs I groaned wrapping the infinity scarf around my neck and putting my bag on my shoulder. 

I walked down the steps took the money my Mom was handing out and kissed her cheek. 

"Will you be home after school?" she asked I shrugged 

"Alright.. Just call me.. or text." She said I nodded I walked out the door and met Louis on the sidewalk. 

"How was your night?" He asked I looked over and noticed his eyes were slightly red. 

"Are you on drugs right now?" I asked he shook his head 

"Tell me the truth." I said 

"Relax, I just had a joint this morning. Stress." He said holding up his hands 

"Don't do that shit in the morning.. Now you aren't going to be able to focus in class. Oh! And you probably forget about our lunch plans." I said 

"Em. This isn't my first time on drugs. I'm fine." Louis stated. 

"Are you sure?" I said 

"Yes. I'm 100% Positive." He said I nodded trusting him. 

"What's up bitches?" Harry joins us. 

"Nothing much fuckhead" Louis said they laughed shoving each other there was no doubt in my mind Harry was high as a kite as well. 

"You guys are both on drugs. You shouldn't be going to school." I said stopping in front of them Harry looked me over and chuckled 

"Hey Lou, The warden is giving you permission to skip class." Harry said chuckling

"Don't be a dick Harry." I said 

"What'd you say?" He said turning to me.

"I said don't be a dick." I repeated strongly 

"What's your fucking deal anyways? I mean we've been to school high before. Hell, We've shown up drunk. What makes you think we're going to change just because one perky White picket fence bitch becomes part of our lives. This is us. This is how we are. Don't like it.. Fuck off." He said I looked into his cold green eyes. I looked over at Louis who just looked back at me a cigarette between his lips. I felt tears coming.. This was Harry and Louis.. My friends. 

"I guess I'll talk to you both later.. When you're sober." I said and turned around Harry grabbed my arm pulling me into his chest.

"How about me and you have some fun.. I mean I've always wanted a virgin." 

"Screw off." I said and pushed at him he hardly moved. He was back for me pulling me back I looked to Louis for help but he didn't budge. 

"Stop!" I yelled I brought my knee up into Harry's stomach. I ran in the other direction. I wasn't going to let them screw up MY education. They could be working at a walmart for the rest of their lives. Or maybe they're into dealing drugs. 

Running into the school I caught my breath. 

"Liam!" I called down the hall when I saw him he turned around and looked at me. 

"Hey Em, What's wrong? You look shaken." He said I looked at his sleeves of tattoos. 

"Harry and Louis.. They're like freaking me out. They're both high.. I mean super high I mean Harry like was all over me and Louis didn't even do anything to stop him. What are they on? A new type of weed or something..?" I asked Liam looked around he took my arm and lead me over to his locker.

"What is it?" I asked as he leaned on the locker beside his. 

"There's a new drug going through the school.. It's supposedly makes you feel like you can do anything.. It gives you major confidence.. And sex drive." Liam says 

"What is it called?" I asked 

"Rated X.. It's about 10 dollars a hit. Harry, Louis, Zee, Zayn and Melanie bought 5 hits each. They did one last night and they were literally all over each other. I mean Me and the others bailed. They were so... fucked up last night. What is happening this morning might just be an after math." Liam says my heart sunk at the mention of "all over each other" in the same sentence with Louis and Melanie's names in it. I knew she was into him. I just refuse to believe Louis had sex with Melanie last night. 

"Do you have any?" I asked him

"No.. I trashed mine." he said. 

"So.. Are you and Vanessa like dating?" I asked he shrugged

"It's so far just been the occasional hook-up.We don't want anything serious." He said I nodded 

"Why?" He added

"Because I need you do due me a favor.."

Author's Note:

Sorry it took me so long again..and Sorry it's so short, I mean I've just been real busy. I just want to thank you all for Reading, Liking, and favoriting.. Also the Comments are amazing to see! I love you all!





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