one year ago I ran into a member from the biggest boy band on earth.I was at a high class bar with my friend Kelly when I ran into Liam payne.Later that night me and liam you no....had some fun and now a year later I have a 1 year old little girl named Lola. I live with my friend Kelly in a two bedroom apartment in california. Im only 17 but when I first became pregneat I was 16. Kelly has been trying to get me to contact liam but im way to scared for that, until I run in to him agin at starbucks. Then from that point on my life went from bad to worse.....until I meet Harry..................


7. 5

 Liam's P.O.V

I saw a single car sitting in the middle on the parking lot.Is that her?Harry asked. Yeah it is I said with a weak smile on my face...

come on let's go get her before she leaves!!Harry said. NO I DON'T WONT HER OR THE BABY!!!!!!!!! I yeld at him. I sat on the ground and pulled my knees up to my head and bowed my face so that it was hidden. I don't wont her I whisperd to myself noing that it was a lie. I looked up at Harry and he just gave me a weak smile and left...I sat in total silence wondering what will happen with everything, will I cause the band to split?, what will my girlfriend do? God Im so confused....

Brigett's P.O.V

I sat in my car and thought about everything he said to me...Why did I even come here Im so fucking messed up I thought to myself...I drove home and when I walked in there was a note on my bed that said gone for ice cream will be back at 5:00 I looked at the clock that was on the wall and it read 4:47pm. I crawed up in my bed and fell into a deep sleep...

Three weeks later~

Come on Lola say moma I said to her in a baby voice as I was playing with her while she was on my tummy.Come on please say moma I begged she just smiled and started to naw on her thumb...I just sat her in her play pin and then turned on the T.V . As I was flipping Threw the channels something caught my eye..ONE DIRECTON BACK IN CALIFORNIA.I turned it off and walked over to kellys room. Hey Kelly welly (nickname) Hey she replied to me. Can you please, please, please watch Lola while I run To starbucks pretty pretty please with a cherry on top..I begged her as I made the awesomest puppy dog face ever. She looked at me and huffed then said sure. Thank you I said as I walked out her room. 

**At Starbucks**

How may I help you? the boy asked me. Umm.. I would like pumpkin spice coffee I told the boy. Coming right up he said with a smile.

I walked over to a single seat and looked out of the window. Then I hear a voice that sounded so familler, I looked up and saw Liam hugging a brown eyed and dark brown to black haired pretty teenage girl. I looked back down as if I was looking at the advertisement. About that time I heard that boy that took my order call my number.I walked over and he handed it to me....And there I was standing next to the guy I hated so much. Thank you I told the boy as I went to walk away. Then someone grabed my sholder I looked over and saw liam. WHAT?!? I said loudly as I pulled away from his grip. Hey can we please talk he said in a whisper. Why? I asked him. He looked back at his girl while she was ordering, then he looked at me and pulled me close and whisperd in my ear "Its about the baby", he said as he pulled away.Oh don't worry hun you havent been with it for a little over a year so its okay anyway she DON'T NEED YOU and I SURE AS FUCK DON'T NEED  YOU so fuck off you bastard I yeld and then stormed out of starbucks not even looking back. I sat in my car crying what the fuck is wrong with me I'm a fucked up person I thought to myself. I started to think about the past when my mom was still alive, I was so happy then. 


Anna come here I got you something.I heard my mom yell.

Comeing I replied to her. I walked to my moms room were she had cabbles and cordes hanging from her arms. Yes moma I said as I entered the room. Hey baby she said as she tried to raise herself up hey moma I said as I walked over to help her. I just wanted to say that I love you..and eventhough Im about to go we will see eachother agin here have thi...Mom MOM wake up moma I started to cry while shakeing her. I called the ambulance and then my dad .....


I closed my eye's as I let one more tear roll down my cheek I started to rub my neckalace, the one that my moma gave me before she passed. And I know your prouble wondering about my dad he is alive but he live's in south carolina and I hate him he did thing's to me that I wish I could take back.But anyways as I was sitting in the silance of my car there was a tap on the window....I looked up only too see a boy that I don't really want to see .................harry?

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