one year ago I ran into a member from the biggest boy band on earth.I was at a high class bar with my friend Kelly when I ran into Liam payne.Later that night me and liam you no....had some fun and now a year later I have a 1 year old little girl named Lola. I live with my friend Kelly in a two bedroom apartment in california. Im only 17 but when I first became pregneat I was 16. Kelly has been trying to get me to contact liam but im way to scared for that, until I run in to him agin at starbucks. Then from that point on my life went from bad to worse.....until I meet Harry..................


6. 4

Liam's P.O.V

I watched her walk out as tears fell from her eye's. I just stood there as I felt a strong beating in my chest, I looked down at the the envalope. It was a big orange one. I opened it up and saw a picture of a cute little baby girl blowing out one little candle. I stood There in total shock as I felt my eye's start to water.

Who is that? I heard a a woman voice comeing from behind me. I turn around to see my girlfriend Sameerah. Oh.. hey um it's nothing, I told her as I put the  envolope  behind my back. Oh.. okay we'll I'm going to go out with the girls for a bit! she told me giving me a hug. Okay I simply replied as I was still in shock. As she walked out of the room I looked at the photo and relized that the little girl looked just like me she had the same birth mark on her neck as I do and her eye's was brown like mine. I don't know why but I started to full on cry...After about  five minutes of me crying Harry came in and asked why my eye's was red and what was wrong. I just looked at him and handed him the pictures he looked at it and then looked at me. Liam...This little girl look's just like you, he said as he looked strate up at me in a dumb way. I kinda noded my head as I paced back and forth slowly. Wait OMG is that...wait a minute...Is that your's and Brigett's b-baby?

he asked me with a smile on his face, she say's it is but I don't know I replied to him. Liam that baby look's just like you he said as he walked over to a long window and started to look out of it.I just looked at the ground and started to wonder about what the world would do?,what would Sameerah do?....About that time harry yeld for me to walk over to the window, so I did and I saw a single car sitting in the middle of the parking lot. Is that her? harry asked. yeah It is I said with a weak smile on my face.



sorry the chapters are short and it may have bad grammer.

But I do type fast because I'm in constant hurry 

And lets just say that the next chapters are going to be so good. and There might be some bad sence's so bewere lol :) 

Hint on whats going to happen~

Liams girlfriend is preg, but is it liams baby ? and dose harry end up falling for Brigett? and Is there going to be a lot of confusion?

Thanks for reading guy's it means a lot and please become a fan <3


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