one year ago I ran into a member from the biggest boy band on earth.I was at a high class bar with my friend Kelly when I ran into Liam payne.Later that night me and liam you no....had some fun and now a year later I have a 1 year old little girl named Lola. I live with my friend Kelly in a two bedroom apartment in california. Im only 17 but when I first became pregneat I was 16. Kelly has been trying to get me to contact liam but im way to scared for that, until I run in to him agin at starbucks. Then from that point on my life went from bad to worse.....until I meet Harry..................


2. 2

Brigett's P.O.V

I woke up to Lola screaming her head off.I rose up off my bed and walked over to my radio putting in my one direction cd, and in an instant she was quite. Then I walked over to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I had spitup on my sholder and a red mark on my face were Lola scrated me, my makeup was messed up...What im trying to say is that I looked ruff. I took a quick bath and when I got out I dried my long dark brown hair and brushed it out then I put on some makeup.After that I walked into my room to mine and Lola's closet and picked up a cute white croptop tanktop that said dream in black letters and some black short shorts, I wore this very outfit when I went to a high class bar last year and meet Liam Payne, I remeber that night like it was yesterday....


Oh.. stop worrying Brig it will be fine come on said my friend kelly. I don't know I replied back to her, We will just lie about your age I've did it thousands of times please ...If you want to live with me then you will she said teaseing me...

Okay I said as she started to squeal...

** at the club**

And how old are you... The big mean looking gard asked I'm- She's 18 kelly said cutting me off  Yeah im 18 I said confirming it, Okay you can go the gard said raiseing an eyebrow ....You got to stop being so up tight kelly said as we walked over to the bar, Im sorry I said as she orderd four shots of crown royal whiskey. She made me drink all four and at that time I felt so diffrant I felt more alive then ever .....I was at the bar when I felt a tap on my back I turned around and it was the one and only Liam Payne ....The last thing I remembered was wakeing up in a bed with liam payne naked..


I walked out my room to the main room were Liz and Kelly was sitting 

Hey um... Im ready I said..Great they said as they stood up from the couch...



Okay you guy's the next chapter is going to be filled  with drama and confusions and a lot of crazy stuff lol :) I need  some name's for parts though

I already got niall's gf :Shakra Ahmed 

niall's bestfriend:

Harry's gf:                                                                                                                                 

Harry's ex gf:

Liam's gf:

Zayn's gf:

be sure to comment what you think of the story so far :)





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