one year ago I ran into a member from the biggest boy band on earth.I was at a high class bar with my friend Kelly when I ran into Liam payne.Later that night me and liam you no....had some fun and now a year later I have a 1 year old little girl named Lola. I live with my friend Kelly in a two bedroom apartment in california. Im only 17 but when I first became pregneat I was 16. Kelly has been trying to get me to contact liam but im way to scared for that, until I run in to him agin at starbucks. Then from that point on my life went from bad to worse.....until I meet Harry..................


1. 1

Brigett's P.O.V

Lola please stop with your crying I whispered while rocking her in my arms.I walked over to her crib and laid her down then put on "One Direction Story Of My Life,"and in an instant she was asleep. Thank god I whisper to myself as I tiptoed over to my bed and laid down.After about five minutes of me actually getting some sleep my phone sounds off with my ringtone ''Katy Perry Roar." Hello?I say in a sleepy voice.Hey Brig will you please come get me im at scott's house and he's drunk and you no how he acts when he is intoxicated?! my friend liz  said in a breathy voice as if she has been runing.Yeah sure what's wrong? I asked, umm...nothing she said, but I could tell she was lieing. Okay give me a secound I said as I hung up my phone and tiptoed out of my room, and over to my friend kelly's room. Hey kelly I said in a whisper while shakeing her slowly, after about two minutes of shakeing her to death she rose her body up and spat out a big WHAT!?!?! shhhh... I said pointing over to my my room which was across the hallway she then became quite as she heard a baby cry. Thank you I said as she looked at me with a i'm so sorry face, I ran into my room and picked up Lola and carried her to Kelly's room and sat her in Kelly's lap. Sorry but I got to go pick up liz and since you awoke the princess you have to watch her until I get back I said in a dramatic way while walking out of Kelly's room and then out of our front door.

** I already brought Liz back to my house **

Liz came into my house and laid herself on our couch and fell a sleep in an instant. I walked into Kelly's room were her and Lola was in a deep sleep, and grabbed Lola out of Kellys holed, and carried her to my room were I laid her in her crib. Then I laid in my bed and fell into a deep sleep.



A/N... I promise that it will get better , and 

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