The Teen Rebels Episode 1

Episode 1: "Pilot"

The story begins when Josie Tremlett-Kahn (a rebellious teenager) befriends two unpopular kids named Moira Downing and Seth Burke. She also meets her cousin Trixie Kalbrunner, who was kept hidden from the Stebbins/Kalbrunner family. The four unlikely friends take on a dangerous school bully with their own brand of cleverness.


7. Episode 2 Sneak Peek

“You think you have it bad?” Josie cried out. “Try living in her shoes! Try spending the last five years of her entire life locked away in some tiny prison just because of a minor mental problem? You are the worst uncle and father who ever walked the face of the planet! There is a God out there, and he doesn’t approve of the way that you are raising your daughter! Now, if you don’t take good care of her, I’ll reveal her; and when I do, your life will be utterly ruined!”

Rajasthan stared at his niece and he realized that she was right. He knew that Josephine Tremlett-Kahn could betray him at any time. But he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction.

“I’m going to tell you this once, Josephine,” Rajasthan said to her in a very stern voice. “Stay away from Patricia. You hear me? Stay away from her. I don’t mind you being with your other cousins but you are to avoid Patricia. Do you understand?”

Little did he know that Trixie was in the doorway to the room, listening. When she heard Rajasthan demanding that Josie stay away from her, her heart slowly turned to stone. She was so angry that she would resort to murder if she didn’t notice Josephine in the room with him.

“As God is my witness, I’m going to make you sorry you ever mistreated me,” Trixie whispered to herself. “And when it’s all over, you will regret the day you took me in.”

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