The Teen Rebels Episode 1

Episode 1: "Pilot"

The story begins when Josie Tremlett-Kahn (a rebellious teenager) befriends two unpopular kids named Moira Downing and Seth Burke. She also meets her cousin Trixie Kalbrunner, who was kept hidden from the Stebbins/Kalbrunner family. The four unlikely friends take on a dangerous school bully with their own brand of cleverness.


8. Afterword

Well, this one was TWO headaches.

As we all know, I first created the Teen Rebels back in 1999, when I was still in high school. The story about Jacquel Temujin-Kahn, Moira Darlington, Stucart Basil, and Temmy Luciana Renaldo eventually evolved as I grew up and one day, I set off to pen the story.

I decided to set this story in the 1980s, as opposed to the 1990s (which was when I made up the story) for the reason that I never did enjoy life in the 1990s and I wanted to go back to a time BEFORE the 1990s happened. Also, according to my teen thriller The Green Hill Manor Mystery (and several other stories), there was a show called “The Teen Rebels”, and the show was filmed and broadcasted during the 1990s. I will be writing a story about the making of that show later.

Also, this story infuses a ton of 1980s pop culture references in it and even predicts the arrival of the DVDs. The story also deals with issues such as AIDS, child abuse, peer pressure / intimidation, George H.W. Bush (vice president during that time) vs. Michael Dukakis (in which Bush senior became president), drugs, and even the problem of teen pregnancy. My main characters will witness these issues and more as they try to fight against the “boring” lifestyle of the typical American teenager.

Thank you for reading this story; I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. Please don’t hesitate to tell your family and friends about this story and be on the lookout for more stories written by me.

Watch for the sequel, Even Worse (The Teen Rebels Season 1, Episode 2), to hit your local online bookstores next week.

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