Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


14. When There is No Hope... - Adwr

~ Chapter Thirteen ~

     It wasn't long until we reached the teleports and left Lichsnoff. Landing on the deserted plain of the Teleport Scape, I tried to remember the way to go. Luckily Grazyna was already running in the right direction.


     We were running for at least thirty minutes. I could see the palace, and it grew in size as we slowly got closer. I kept it in my sights, refusing to let it disappear.

     Suddenly, I became aware of how tired I was. How beaten down I was. How great of a place the dirt would be to sleep.

     No! I have to make it!

     I looked at Grazyna and realized that she was just as worn out. Sweat poured down her red face. She was breathing heavily. But I could see it in her eyes. Her will power. She could keep running, even if the final destination was a billion light-years away.

     I have never had that will power. I always give in.

     I always give in.

     Not now!

     I sped up. I am not giving in! Not today!

     I heard a thunk. Turning around and running backwards, I could see Grazyna dropped her stalagmite.

     "Leave it!" I yelled. "We won't need weapons!"

     I secretly run my finger over the sharp blade of my dagger.

     We don't need weapons, but I do.

     "We're almost there!" I called. It was more to motivate myself than Grazyna. I wanted to collapse and relax, but I knew I couldn't.

     The two of us ran into the palace, trampling two guards to the ground. One grabbed my foot.

     "Sorry," I said as I kicked him, causing him to release his grip.

     Grazyna and I ran down the hall and slowed when we saw the throne room doors.

     "We need to be quiet."

     "Well, duh."

     Grazyna cut a glance at me, and I apologized.

     We silently walked down the hall and got to the doors. Crouching down, we pressed our ears to the wood and listened in. The voices were really muffled, but audible. Audible enough, anyway.

     "How long?" Queen Layora's worried voice blended with the sound of her pacing.

     "The bomb will blow in ten minutes," the General answered. I wanted to bust in and scream. I was just itching to launch in and kill the man who made my life fatherless.

     My fist clenched tightly, giving me white knuckles. Grazyna took my hand in her own, and squeezed. I smiled, and squeezed her hand back, returning the offer. Then, I let go.

     "Maybe they'll return."

     "My Queen, the kids are dead. There is no way that they could have possibly found the Gem. There is no way they could have even made I further on Lichsnoff than twenty feet before being slaughtered."

     "Perhaps you're right, General."

     "I always am."

     "Code Seven. Never thought the time would come."

    The General said something in reply, but I didn't hear. I was busy remembering all the different codes. Dad had told me about them constantly, hoping one day, I would join the military.

     Code Seven? Oh, no.

     I couldn't hold back anymore. I bolted up and threw open the doors. "Step away from the queen!" I ordered the General.

     "You've returned!" Queen Layora squealed like a child.

     "Queen, get away from him! He's dangerous."

     "What's going on?" Grazyna asked.

     "Code Seven. The Code to save the world."

     "Ah," the General said, laughing, "It seems you've figured it all out."

     "I haven't," Grazyna said, asking for an explanation.

     "Code Seven is to be used in the face of doom. 'When there is no hope, there shall come death, so there may be light.' The Queen kills herself as a sacrifice, but this is to save everyone. It creates a blast that will start the end of all things bad on the planet. Machines that can harm others malfunction, and the planet is safe. The highest ranking person shall take over. In this case, it's the General."

     The Queen looked at me like I was insane. "I know what Code Seven is. It's for the good of everyone. The Gem has not been found, and I would rather have one death than a billion."

     "We do have the Gem. Think about it. No one in the Marklar Military wears a hat. Except someone trying to hide something." I pointed at the General.

     "Take off the hat," Grazyna said.

     "I will not; this is absurd."

     "Take off the hat," the queen joined. "The least you could do is prove that it's an outlandish theory."

     "But I-"


     The General slowly raised his hand to the brim of his hat and took it off. On the top of his head was the Gem, bright and purple. It floated above his head for a moment, before flying to the Queen, who was using her Control ring once again.

     "Explain," the queen ordered.

     "Might as well. Twenty years ago, I stole the Gem. I kept it in my hat, knowing it was too valuable to be lying around my house. I let war rage on, battling my way to top rank, so that one day, I could call Code Seven. Once king, I was going to destroy Lichsnoff completely. They are competitors in our industry."

     Grazyna arched an eyebrow. "You would cause war for a few extra bucks for Marklar?"

     "When you put it like that, sure it seems bad. But I had Marklar's intentions at heart. Then, Adwr, your numskull father, Setuz had to get involved. He figured it out. He went to the Oracle. Then, he went and told me he knew. Said he would forgive me if I turned myself in. Fool had to die."

     "Dad was left-handed, you know. And you put the gun in his right hand."

    "A mistake that took you fourteen years to see. Perhaps you're not as smart as you seem."

     He's right. You should've notice. You are a failure.

     "Adwr," Grazyna said, "Don't listen to him. You're smarter than me, and everyone else on the planet. You figured it out. It's more than anyone else did."

     The voice in my head nagged on, Not in time, though.

     "Guards," Queen Layora yelled. They arrived, and she told them to arrest the General. "Before you go, could you tell me where the bomb is? I need to diffuse it."

     The General laughed evilly. "You think there actually was a bomb? Ha! It's funny how dumb you are. I had to think of something to get you to call Code Seven into action. A non-existent bomb always does the trick."

     He looked at the two guards and smiled. "You don't think that I'm just going to walk out with you, do you?" He pulled his gun from the holster. "I have to battle a bit."

     The guards pulled their guns and pointed at him.

     "Oh, how sad. Looks like I have only one bullet left. A shame." He pointed at the queen. " I could take you out, continue my plan, but it seems that I have no more use for it. I'll be arrested soon anyway." He smirked.

     "Unless, I kill myself." He brought the gun to his head. "But that's just like forfeiting."

     He aimed the gun at me. "Maybe it's time for you to go. The world has no need for smart ones like you, but maybe, the best way to destroy you is through her."

     He quickly focused the gun to my right, and I realized the target.


     I quickly sprung into action, knowing it would lead to my doom. I drew the dagger and threw it as I pushed Grazyna out the trajectory. My dagger hit the General in the chest, and he fell, but it was no win for me. I watched as the bullet nailed me in the chest. I fell back and hit the ground.

     I was aware of the fact there were some screaming voices, but they began to fade. I could see Grazyna, being held back from me. But the most noticeable thing that I saw as I dissolved into the darkness was my hair. It was glowing gold.

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