Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


13. Twists and Turns of Agatha Christie proportions - Grazyna

~ Chapter Twelve ~


There's a book from earth that was so popular, it was sent into outer space, just for fun. When a soldier from Marklar was on another mission, he found the book after going through a wormhole. It's since become a popular book in Marklar too. It's by an earthbeing called "Agatha Christie". The book was The Complete Collection Of Agatha Christie, and since has been split into hundreds of smaller books. It was in what earthbeings call "English" but most educated teachers on Marklar know this language so they translated it to Marklarvian. They are all about mystery and suspense, with really surprising twists. That's kind of like what's happened to Adwr and I.


We must run faster than I thought, because miraculously- And all around most suspiciously - We found ourselves about a foot away from Zarcra's old wood cabin. I looked over to Adwr.

"Do you think we could-"


"I know, I know, but just for a minute. I ate all of my rations. Oh please, Adwr! Can't we just stop by and ask Zarcra, kindly, for some food?"

"Fine, But ONLY a minute, we're losing precious daylight!". I punched the air happily and ran up the that familiar block of wood that was meant to be a door and knocked. A young woman with flowing brown hair appeared in the doorway.

"I'm here to see Zarcra"

"Aah, yes! You are the child who came here a few days ago, along with this young man" The woman said, gesturing to Adwr. This woman was a stranger to me, I didn't see her last time I visited the old lady, Zarcra. Maybe she was there and I just didn't notice her. But who wouldn't notice such a tall, slender, long haired lady like herself?

"How do you know that? Were you there? I didn't see you if you were"

"Ah, But child! I was there! Granted, I was far older then, but since I have, let us say, changed"

"You were much older then...? As in, You got younger? But how...-" Then I realised something impossible.


"Yes, that is me. What is it , child?"

"You're a mage!" I exclaimed.

"You are wise, my child". How could I be so stupid? Who else calls us, I and Adwr, "Children"? I beckoned for Adwr to join me as I walked inside (Zarcra had stepped away from the doorway to let us in). He ran up the stairs to the door and walked in after me. After he shut the door, he said

"Listen, Zarcra, We found out where the gem is. We just stopped by to ask if you could provide us some more food for the journey back?"

"Of course, My child. Sit by the fire and I shall prepare lunch, I was going to anyway"

"Thanks, Zarcra" I said gratefully.  I decided on a big horsehair armchair and curled upon it, right next to the fire. It was freezing outside, so I made the most of it. Soon enough, Zarcra reappeared, looking slightly middle aged now, and handed each of us a steaming tray of Arzaak delicasies. Now, of course, I knew exactly how she got it. I remembered looking at her after I woke up in her house last time we were here and noticing her looking extremely old and frail, far more so than before. Adwr ate his up in a femtosecond and stood up quickly to say

"Could we have a little more of that in a bag to take with us?". Zarcra looked a little wary of this, not sure if she should be so nice to someone so greedy.

"Alright then, my child" She said with slightly gritted teeth. She turned and with a click of her fingers two bags of Arzaak bread and cheese appeared in our hands.

"Thank you very, very much, Zarcra. You are so kind"

"You're welcome, My dear child. Will that be all? I shouldn't expect you'd want to sleep here, having only 9 hours and all". How she knows that, I definitely don't know, but I nodded and politely said

"Bye". Adwr and I walked to the door but just before I took a step out, Zarcra called

"Your stalagmite, Dear!". I ran back and grabbed it. Then, regretting leaving the warm fire, I walked down the stairs and back on the trail.




I was hoping desperately that we would make it in time, that we would find ourselves magically at the teleports before we knew it and get the gem from Meg and...and...How exactly would we manage to get the gem from Meg? We can't just falcon punch him, whip his hat off, run up to the bomb and slam the gem in it to make it deactivate. I looked up at the highstar. When we had left the maze the highstar had been behind us, it being morn. Now it hovered exactly above us, so six hours had already passed. We had only 3 or so hours to get to the teleports and do whatever we had to do to get back the gem.


And then, almost perfectly timed, a large, grey scaled, gleaming Arbok slid from the shadows of the dank forest. Arboks are a lot like Nohtyps, only they only come out at day. This particular one looked stunning. I gazed at it in awe, in all it's beauty. I couldn't help but reach up and touch it...


I was snapped out of my entrancement by Adwr, who had leapt into action and hauled me away from the thing. I looked at him, confused and baffled. I then looked back at the Arbok.


It was so beautiful, It's scales glowing brightly, it's teeth shining proudly...and closely. It's large mouth descending towards me, and like a long tunnel of mystery it's throat came closer to completely swallowing me when-


Blood poured out like the starshine from above as daylight hit me again. I slid slimily out of the creature's Throat, now separated from it's body.

"Bloody Lichsnoff, Adwr, What's happened?"

"I've not a clue, but I think I just saved your life"

"Wouldn't be the first time" I said jokily, but all around truthfully.

"Let's just call this payback for you preventing this from happening to me" Adwr said forwardly. We stood there in silence, just staring at the Arbok, now scattered in several places. I wasn't sure how I should have reacted to this. I looked at Adwr furtively and said

"Um, Well thanks" And gave him a quick hug, but pulled away quickly. I couldn't decide whether it was a throw away situation of no importance of maybe something more. If Adwr expected me to kiss him or something I didn't realise it at the time. Moving this thought to the back of my mind, I took back my stalagmite that Adwr had borrowed for his most recent act or heroics. We nodded at each other as if to say

"Alright, let's get going" and got back on the trail.


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