Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


7. The Nohtyp - Grazyna

~ Chapter Six ~

Adwr has always been a terrible liar. I mean, sure our emotions are exhibited to the world through our ever changing hair colour, but the one thing our hair has no colour state for is Lying. I'm a woman, so my lies are harder to realise. It's just a gender thing. But Adwr is an especially bad liar. 

"Fine. Don't give us vital information for this place. I mean, it's not like we're gonna need it!" I said sarcastically. I was hoping that now he'd crack and tell us. But Adwr kept silent, looking down at his feet. I looked at him disappointedly and then looked up at Zarcra. 

"I'm kinda tired. Where can I sleep?" I asked her.

"Over there, my dear, on the rug. It's comfortable enough to sleep on, I hope". I got up off the chair and sighed. I went over to the brown and red rug and lay down. Adwr was directed to another small rug near the fireplace. Zarcra stayed in her big comfy armchair and read a long scroll. I was at first under the impression it was some sort of grocery list, but after a while Zarcra must have thought we were both asleep, so she got up and grabbed a feather from the table. She studied some text on the page and clicked the fingers at the end of her tentacles. The feather vanished. She then lay down the scroll and with another click of her fingers the light of the fire place and the oil lamps went out. 


The next day I woke up late. Adwr seemed to have stayed up most of the night like I did. Zarcra gave us both breakfast and she gave my dress back, all stains gone. 

"You two children be careful on your way to Oraks. Though the place itself is beautiful and peaceful, the journey there is anything but so. Adwr, take this," she handed Adwr a small dagger, "and Grazyna, I washed your stalagmite too. Here" and she handed me my stalagmite, now utterly clean. She handed us both a ration of food in a cloth. We both thanked her and left through the thick hinged block of wood that she called a door. Once we had left, Adwr opened the food ration.

"Adwr! You just had breakfast! save that for journey!"

"No, look! She gave us a compass so we can figure out the way. She said to go west from here, and to keep going this direction until we reach Oraks". He examined the compass closely. I only had 5 years of education and none of those years included compass lessons. After he'd studied it closely, He looked up and said

"That way! come on, follow me" and pointed what I assumed was west. We started walking, and after what felt like years, We had had a pretty uneventful journey. Adwr Suddenly collapsed in sweat and tears. He looked up at the sky and said, short of breathe again,

"Lets have tiny bit of the ration and lie down to sleep". I nodded and sat down next to him. We both opened our rations and bit off some off each of the pieces of food. It was delicious. not a lichsnoffian delicacy again, but food from the Galactically famous Arzaak planet, the best planet for food. How Zarcra got this I'll never know. I swallowed satisfyingly and lay down. My dress was thick and comfy so I slept well, but when I got up the next morn Adwr had circles under his eyes.



We walked for another full day and once again the night came and we lay down, had some food ration and lay down to sleep. But this time after just a minute, I sat bolt upright. I had heard a low hiss from the bushes that we were sleeping near to. Adwr sat up after me and said

"Grazyna, what is it?". I put a finger to my lips to indicate silence and stood up quietly. I walked towards the bush cautiously and studied it. Out of nowhere a giant Nohtyp rose out of the bushes, standing - uh, rearing...slithering...I don't know, let's go with standing - what seemed like 10 feet tall. It certainly was a giant Nohtyp. It didn't attack us, instead it arced high over our heads, it's beige scales glimmering in the moonlight. It was terrifyingly beautiful. it landed smartly behind us. Adwr stared at it in awe. He seemed to be in a trance. The Nohtyp was like a majestic slither of moonlight that had fallen to earth. Adwr stared at it fixedly, still in awe. I looked at it less impressed, but certainly astonished. What sort of godly creature could look like this? It couldn't be any old Nohtyp. I felt my eyes getting dry. I blinked. The Nohtyp was slithering away. Adwr's awed expression became a crestfallen one.

"Don't leave! no!". He started running after the Nohtyp which had turned it's huge head to see who had called. Out of instinct, I grabbed Adwr's hand and said

"No! Adwr, it's tricking you!" I was much stronger than Adwr, so I pulled him back easily and the Nohtyp started slithering away again.

"Let...Go! Get off!". He seemed to be out of his mind. I screamed at him

"Snap out of it, Adwr!" and I slapped his face. The Nohtyp was gone. His angry, determined face turned into one of utter horror.

"What was I doing?" Adwr said, rubbing the red hand-shaped mark on his cheek.

"I don't know what got into you, It was like you were hypnotised or something. Come on, let's just lie down and sleep" I replied. He nodded and lay down, far away from the bushes. I lay down next to him and this time, I was the one who stayed awake all the night, thinking about what could have happened if I hadn't been there to stop Adwr.

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