Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


12. Questions Answered and Secrets Confessed- Adwr

~ Chapter Eleven ~

     Did she see it? I thought as I pushed open the big gate to Oraks. Did she see the corpse? The corpse of her? Oh, this will totally make things awkward for us.

     "Whoa!" I whispered, suddenly pulled out my thoughts by the sight. It was a garden, full of flowers I have only seen in textbooks. Tulips, pansies, roses. All types of plants that never grow on Marklar.

    I turned to look at Grazyna, expecting her to be just as amazed as I was. But instead, I found her eyeing me. She had a puzzled look on her face, like she was trying to figure out whether or not it was my fault that there was a Grazyna corpse doppelganger.

     Well, I guess on a technicality, it was my fault. The Creature saw the fear, before I even did. I had expected the maze to be filled with sredips and even my dad a bit, but not her. What's wrong with me?

    "Oracle?" I called out, hoping Grazyna would stop looking at me like she was. Like she was trying to decide whether or not I was a threat. Whether or not I would rip her apart. I hated that look.

     A silky smooth voice came from behind me, the one place I didn't expect. "No worries about the roses, dear."

     Startled, I turned and fell back, landing on my butt in a rose bush. Grazyna helped me up out of the bush. The thorns dug into my flesh, carving deep scratches and forcing deep blue blood out.

     I imagined my hair, pink as a butterfly's wings.

    "Sorry," I told the Oracle, who looked like a young girl. A pure, white light emitted around her, causing her to shine like a speck of glitter.

     "I said do not worry about it."

     "How did you know I-"

    "I just did. The real question is, would you have fallen if I had not mentioned it?"

     "Well, couldn't you have found a flower without thorns for me to fall into?"

     "Apologies, Adwr."


     "How did I know what your name was? I just did." Now, I don't know about Grazyna, but I was beginning to feel a bit fed up over the half answers.

      "So I guess, you know what we want to know." I crossed my arms angrily. "I mean, if you know so much."

     "Let us talk in the gazebo." She walked ahead of us, while I mentally asked myself why she was completely... weird. She didn't even use contractions! And "Apologies?" She talked like my grandmother.

     The Oracle lead us to a little gazebo, with little wooden chairs and a swing. Grazyna sat next to me in the swing, and the Oracle took a chair.

     Grazyna, who had been silent for a while, suddenly said, "We're here about the Gem."

     "Ah! Bellum Potestas!"


     "The War of Ruling. Belum Potestas. Or as you two would say, The Great Gem War."

    "Oh. Well, we need to know where the Gem is."

     "Well, of course. Tea?"


     "Tea? Would you like some tea?"

     "We were talking about something else."

     "We'd love some," I quickly said. I agreed with Grazyna, and I could feel my anger rising too, but I had an itching feeling in the back of my head that the Oracle wasn't one that you wanted to tick off.

     The Oracle waved her manicured hand and a wooden table appeared. With another wave of her hand, a tea set appeared, white with little flowers adorning the china. "Do either of you two take sugar with your tea?"

     Grazyna nodded in unison with me, and the Oracle added some sugar cubes to the tea cups, and handed the teacups to my friend and me. It was steaming hot, and I personally didn't like tea in general. At least not hot tea. I put it on a saucer that appeared and floated midair next to us.

     "Look, we need to know where the Gem is."

     "I do not hear a question to answer."

     Grazyna sucked in a big breath. Her hair was orange at the tips. "Calm down," I whispered.

     "Where is the Gem of Marklar?"

     With a smile, the Oracle replied, "I think Adwr knows."

     "Are you saying I took it? Before I was born?"

     "No. I would not accuse you of such a theft. But you've seen the answer." She was silent a moment, and I could feel two pairs of eyes on me.


     "It seems you can not recall."


     "It is fine. I'll tell you the answer." She took a sip of her tea. "Meg's hat."

     Meg's hat?

     Meg's hat?

    "Meg's hat? Who - Who - Who is Meg?" I managed to get out.

     "Calm down," Grazyna whispered like I had done before. She grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. Usually, it worked. But not now. I yanked my hand out her grip.

     "You don't understand."

     "You're right. So tell me."

     "Later. Who is Meg?"

     "Interesting name. Earth origins. However, it did evolve into a male's name centuries down the line."

     "I'm not trying to be rude, Oracle, but I don't care about the history. Who is Meg?"

     "He is known more as the General."

     And that's when it hit me. It all slapped me in the face and laughed at me for not seeing it before.

     The biggest clue should have been the gun in Dad's right hand. Dad was left-handed. Why would he shoot himself using the wrong hand? Why didn't I see it before? I'm so thick!

     He didn't kill himself! Of course!

     "We have to go. How close can you get the two of us to the teleports?"

     "It will take a lot of energy. Your" She laughed a quiet laugh. A giggle really. "bomb will go off in ten hours. It will go off in an hour by the time you get there. That is the best I can do."

     "Um, thanks." I stood up and a white light surrounded Grazyna and me. The next thing I knew, there were no beautiful flowers surrounding me. It was all woods.

     I grabbed Grazyna's arm. "Let's go."

     She pulled her arm away and sat on a tree stump. "I'm not going anywhere until you explain."

     "Stop being stubborn."

     "Stop being secretive," Grazyna fired at me.

     I groaned. Why does she have to be so... female? I swear, the day I understand her is the day the world will freeze over and burst into flames at the same time.

     "Fine!" I sat in the dirt and quickly said, "Atmos is not my dad. He is my step-dad. My dad is Setuz, and he was killed years ago. It's hard to explain. Anyway, the General has the Gem, probably since day one."

     "But why?"

     "We won't find out unless you get up and come. We have a nine-hour trip to take."

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