Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


9. Lending a Hoof - Grazyna

~ Chapter Eight ~

As we walked on during the day we stayed silent. There wasn't much to say these days. Every time we encounter one of these creatures we don't talk to each other for the rest of the day. Before the Nohtyp, we talked about normal things. How dumb school is, Why Mr. Yix is duller than a blunt knife and my rubbish excuse for a mother. The only thing I had real experience for is that last one. After that Tupid, the silence has been louder than ever. I had hoped that today we would avoid any more sticky situations. We got pretty hungry near the evening. We had some more rations and then kept going. It was going to take one more day until we found Oraks. Adwr said that we better just keep going throughout the night, that way we can buy some time. I protested.

"Are you crazy? Well, after four nights without sleep I suppose it is logical!"

"Look, just because you get some shut eye two hours a day doesn't mean we have to make everything fit to your liking!". Adwr's hair had gone bright red, possibly tinted with orange.

"Well excuse me if some ruddy great wolf comes along or something and I'm too busy passing out to help you! Knowing you, you'd probably throw me in as sacrifice so you don't have to fight it! This why we always-"

"I'm terribly sorry to interrupt what, I'm sure, was a very important conversation, but some creatures are trying to sleep over here, and your argument is rather disturbing this" said a deep, baritone voice from behind me. I spun around. What stood before me was a large palomino centaur. heard whimpering from Adwr's direction.

"I'm - Uh, we're very sorry about that. You see, we're trying to make our way to Oraks and-"

"Oraks? Why, you are making good time then. Oraks is only fifty miles away! But you two foals are far to weak for that!"

"Actually, we aren't foals, we're adults...kind of. And we walked all the way here from the teleports" I said defensively to the Centaur.

"I've no idea of what these teleports are, but I assume they are far from here. Much further than Oraks". 

"Yeah, we've been walking for days and days" I replied.

"I've visited Oraks once or twice. I've lived here all my life so I know the short cuts. You two foals shouldn't walk any further. Climb upon my back, I do insist. I will take you to Oraks". I looked at him, shocked.

"But what about sleep? I thought you said we were-"

"Centaurs are not victims of the mundane allurance of sleep, We rest when we see fit, only when all the herd is safe. As I said, climb on my back. I'll leave Arigon in charge". This reminded me of something

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Akakios". He replied. Akakios then kneeled down and allowed me and Adwr to sit on the upside of his torso. He then stood up, making us wobble a bit. When he started to trot, Adwr clung onto my shoulders for dear life. 

"isn't this the most amazing thing you've ever done? I wish Marklar had Centaurs!" I whispered into Adwr's ear

"No...It...isn't" Said Adwr between terrified breaths.

"Oh don't be such a wimp. This is fun! Akakios is really nice"

"You...just like him because...He's handsome" Adwr said, trying to sound comical. I laughed and took my ration of food out of my pocket I bit into some bread and then put them away again. I had ripped off a piece of it and offered it to Akakios. He shook his head and continued to trot. I shrugged my shoulders and and ate it myself. After I while I felt my eyes getting heavy. I refused myself sleep so I didn't become limp and fall off. 




Akakios was very nice. When we started to grow tired, he knelt down and let us go to sleep. A few hours later he woke us up and we climbed back onto his back and he continued to trot. in an hour we had arrived in front of a massive maze.

"This is were I will leave you, foals. For this is Oraks, at least the entrance. But be cautious, young foals. Many dangers await. Be safe". I nodded at him and said

"Trust me, as long as there aren't any srepids, Adwr will be fine". This was meant as a joke, But I suppose that he wasn't as patient as he used to be. His hair had gone red. I smiled sheepishly and thanked Akakios again. He nodded appreciatively and began to walk back.

"So, should we go in?"

"Yeah". Then we took a step into into the maze.


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