Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


16. Epilogue: The Day After...

~ E P I L O G U E ~


"Morning, Layora" said the tall, suited male pleasantly. He deeply bowed after greeting the regally sitting Queen and kissed her delicately manicured hand. He politely stood back to allow the second young man to step proudly forward. 

"'It's been too long, sister" he said, in a downcast mannor. The Queen nodded and allowed him to kiss her dainty wrist as well. The two men were Fastor and Saon, the monarch of Marklar's two brothers. She then greeted them both gratefully and said

"The war has greatly lengthened the time between visits. Tell me. What has happened since we last spoke?". The first brother piped up

"Very little, Layora. As you know, neither of us have really been very much the soldier type. Despite the ongoings, we have progressed normally in our jobs".

"Good to hear" the Queen said politely. She turned to the second brother.

"More or less, the same with me. I am a salesman, of course, so the war hasn't helped or hindered the business" he said casually. Layora's sleek hair changed to a tint of yellow. 

"I heard that you came close to performing 'Code Seven'. Is this true?"

"Afraid so. it was a trick in the hands of the General"

"Where is he? I'll kill him!"

"In prison, and don't worry, there is no need"

"heard a rumour that you sent two young children to end the war. Is this nonsense true?"

"Once again, true. They lived, and ended the war successfully though" The two men smiled, relieved, and their hair turned tinted yellow as well. 

"Well, I shall be on my way. I hope to see you soon" said Fastor politely.

"As do I" said Saon next, and with that the two men turned on their heels and abruptly left.



The blissful children played sportingly in a crowded playground as two tall friends walked past the school. One turned to the other and said

"It feels weird. You know, the war being over. I mean, we both grew up during it, and it feels like somebody you hated passed away. You feel bad, but guiltily happy deep down". The fair, skinny boy who walked next to them shrugged monotonously and said casually

"I guess, but at least it's out of the way" As the two walked, a leather ball bounced over the school wall and a small child ran up to it.

"Could you pass me the ball, mister?" the little boy asked politely. The skinny young man picked up the ball and tossed it over.

"Thanks ya, stranger!" the child shouted, then ran over to his friends with the ball in his hands.

"Adwr, do you miss being a kid?"

"Not really. I only had a father for the first five years of my life, so my childhood wasn't all that great"

"I remember back when the war was fully-fledged. I was ten when my father came home without a leg. I laughed it off, back then I found it so funny," the long haired girl said. The two strolled down the path in silence for a bit. There was nothing much to talk about these days, considering they had both embarked on a thrilling adventure not a day ago. 

"Can I ask you something?" the girl inquired.

"Sure, what's up?"

"Remember when you saved me from that Arbok?"

"Yeah. It was only yesterday, but it feels like it's been forever"

"Well...I was just wondering...When you saved me from that thing...What exactly did you expect?"

"Huh?" Adwr looked confused.

'What did you expect me to do?"

"Oh, you mean like, reward me or something? No, not really..."

"Okay then, just wondering...". A long, awkward silence came about. They continued to walk down the path, leaves rapidly falling from the trees.

"One more question, before we get home?"


"Remember, way back when I first had you round to my house, when my mum thought you were my boyfriend?"

"Oh yeah! 'Oh, and you must be Grayzna's boyfriend. We've heard so much about you!' That was hilarious, huh?"

"Yeah." Grazyna laughed nervously. The two suddenly stopped at a small bungalow to the right of them. 

"Here's my house, see you, I guess"

"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

"Bye." The girl went to the door and knocked. A short, redhead answered.

"Hiya, darling! Your friend is looking well!" Adwr nodded and grinned at the stout old woman.

"Come in then, come in! Your father and I want to congratulate you! Bye, Adwr!" Grayzna walked in and waved to her friend, who waved back in response. Once the large door closed loudly, Adwr continued down the path, kicking up the leaves as he went. He looked up at the sky, which was slowly turning maroon over time. As the high star began to fall beneath the hills, the boy gave a calm, relaxed smile.





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