Bellum Potestas

In a small galaxy far, far away, two young heroes fight gallantly their way through the darkest dangers and highest threats to beat the clock and save all before a disasterous bomb goes off. Will they make it there in time, or does their story come to an ominous end?


11. Biggest Fears - Grazyna

~ Chapter Ten ~

When we entered Oraks there was a small sign with weird lettering on it. I looked, puzzled, at Adwr, who then proceeded to walk towards it. In a split second, I saw a look of utter horror on his face. He screamed for me to run out, but before my brain could even take a femtosecond to comprehend what he just said, A steel wall slammed down between us. I fell onto my back at the impact, and heard a banging from the other side. Suddenly, I remembered the large Com-De strapped to my wrist and yelled into it.


"I'm here! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I am". After the reassurance that we were both safe, we continued. After a while, I felt a cold chill around me, suddenly a tall, red haired figure appeared in front of me. It was my mother, and she was pointing at me, laughing.

"Mother? Mother what's so-" But then, as I looked down at my hands I realised my entire body was covered in Tupid blood. I screamed and tried desperately to wipe it off. I screamed for Adwr to come and help me, but the blood dripped into my mouth. My mother still stood there, laughing at me, occasionally saying the odd insult.


"Worthless pile of bull's droppings!"


I couldn't take it. I couldn't take the pressure. I felt blisters burst up on my skin. I fell into a heap on the floor. And then it stopped. I looked up, my hands were blister-free, my mother was nowhere to be seen. I stood up, my head still reeling. I shook off the rest of the pain that had lingered from the imitation of blisters. 

"Well, that was interesting" I said to myself, before continuing down the maze.




I have always had some sort of other-worldly sense that just knows were to go. Something that at least makes up for my lack of, admittedly un-useful, education. I don't hit many dead ends, so I get to what looks like an exit of sorts quickly. A tall, metal door stood ahead of me. I shrugged, thinking I would wait for Adwr if he isn't already there, and I opened it.

What stood before me was more than a great fear

More than a nightmare

More than hell

What stood before me was me. But how was that possible?

It wasn't me, at least not now. It was me, fort or fifty years from now, sitting in an old armchair, looking at a burning fire. It wasn't the fire that scared me, nor was it the fact I had wrinkled in just about every fold in my skin. It was the sight of I, alone. You may think this is the stupidest fear in all of the universe, but it wasn't just this. There was a small window in the "Room", even though the maze seemed to have none before. Closer up, I saw out of it. The outside world was suddenly baron, caked in dust. There were no other houses, no other sign of life. Nobody else, but me. I looked back and noticed the door was an inch closer to closed than before. I sprinted towards it and flung it back open, leapt outside and shut it behind me. 

"Note to self," I began, "Don't open random doors, assuming that they're exits". I pulled my body off the door and continued down the road. I spent most of that time thinking over what I saw. I couldn't decide wether I was happy that I know what the fate of Marklar is or not.





I thought as I walked, then after a while I saw a big computer screen in the distance. I ran over to it when a large steel wall slammed down again. Shrugging my shoulders, I walked the extra inch towards the screen (there only being so much space to move in) and examined it. Text had appeared on it. It read

"Quando gemma lichsnoff sit?". I had trouble pronouncing it in my mind, and I don't speak lichsnoffian so I talked into the Com-De.


"Yeah? what's up?"

"The question, you know, the question at the end of the maze! I can't understand it."

"Uh...Could you tell me what it says?". I rolled my eyes and said, irritated,

"No, Idiot! I literally just said I can't understand it!"

"I mean read the lichsnoffian words" Adwr answered

"Qua-Quandy - no, Quandoo? Uh Quando?"

" there anything else on there?"

"Well, DUH yeah. Quando gemma Lichsnoff sit..?"

"Oh, well that is..." there was a small pause, then he continued

"I am about ninety-nine-percent positive that says 'When was the Gem of Lichsnoff destroyed?"

"ONLY ninety nine percent?" I asked, flustered, "What if you are wrong? Oh my, what if it doesn't say what you think it does?"

"Then...Then you'll die" came a strangled voice from the Com-De. I clenched my fists, my fingernails gently piercing the palm of my hand.

"So what's the answer?" I asked furtively.

"You want me to cheat?"

"Oh, like you haven't before!"

"Okay, Okay, The answer is the battle of-" Then it cut off, making a sound like crumpling newspaper

"Uh, sorry? Didn't catch that"

"The answer is-". And there it was again

"I can't hear the answer, All I hear is the answer is...And then you static out".

"What? Th-thats impossible! These are Military grade Com-Dees! Are you sure? They can't static out!". I rolled my eyes impatiently and said

"Well, Mine did". After a while, Adwr said nothing, and i started to feel that I wasn't getting out of this maze.

"Adwr, what am I going to do?" I asked, my voice almost as strangled as Adwr's

"I don't know..." said Adwr, signing heavily. I though for a second, and then I thought twice about it, and pressed on

"You go on without me"

"No way!" Adwr said angrily, "We were being lectured about it at school last week, I think i told you about it in the hover car, just try and remember". I was furious at this. How on earth could Adwr be under the impression I remember ANYTHING from all that time ago. With all this shenanigans, what with the bear, the Nothyp, the Tupid, Oh, and that bloody great CHAOS that happened recently in the walls of the maze, I haven't had time to think about what we were chatting about in the hover car.

"Okay then, I'll try". I though hard. What DID Adwr mention in the hover car? something about a previous battle, I think one of Elttab...

"I think I've got it" I tapped quickly on the keyboard, Ehk batell ven Elttab...

I hit enter.

"Answer...CORRECT. YOU MAY PASS THROUGH THE BLUE DOOR ON THE LEFT. Yes! I grabbed the handle, turned it, and pushed. It didn't open

"Um, excuse me...Uh, robot thingy? The door is locked". Words flashed on the screen

"Try again!". I did so. The door stayed stubbornly shut.

"Still not working" I said annoyedly. The screen then flashed a final time

"Try once more!". I turned the handle and pushed. It opened, and about 5 feet away, Adwr was in another room, directly opposite my door, Weeping over a body...


He turned and look up, I walked towards the door way, and was almost winded by the impact of Adwr flinging his body onto mine, hugging me tightly.

"Woah! What's up with you?". Adwr didn't release his grip, so I hugged him back.

"Nothing, Just glad you're okay". After what felt like forever, we let go.





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