Niall Horan fanfic


2. Chapter 2.

Ariel's P.O.V

"Din-dong." I heard our doorbell ring for the thousand time. I lazily stumbled out of my comfortable bed, hearing the doorbell again. " I am coming!." I mumbled to myself annoyed as whoever was at the door rang it once again.

" wha-" I stopped talking as I saw that it was officer Scott and head officer Henery and right at that moment I felt my heart break into pieces slowly and painfully knowing exactly what was coming. " Ms. Brooks...we are truly pained to tell you that Officer Zake Brooks has passed." I slammed the door in their face not wanting to believe anything they were saying. " no, no you can't be" I mumbled grabbing my hair. " you were supposed to come home last night! You weren't supposed to go away!! You were supposed to call my name this morning, assuring me that everything would be can't." I felt the tears ran down my face as I broke down in the middle of my house. " please make it go away. Please make it go away." I begged, to who? I had no Idea. I hugged my knees, feeling as if the whole world was falling on top of me.

Niall's P.O.V

"Niall wake up! Niall wake up we're landing." I heard as I felt someone shake me. I slowly opened my eyes to see Paul. " get ready lad, we're landing" he told me after making sure I was awake, before going back to his sit.


"Okay boys, we're going to go to the hotel first so you guys can rest and we will talk about the rest later tonight." Paul was telling us what we would be doing today and I think all of us are glad we weren't starting anything today. I don't think anyone could handle doing anything today because of jet leg. We mumbled ok's.

everyone either went on their phone or just fell asleep after our car started moving, heading to the hotel we were staying at.

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