Friends or More?

Harry has been my best friend since I can remember but what happens when we realize we have feelings for each other?


11. Xfactor

We got in the car and were on our way back to Harry's house when I realized that I needed clothes for school the next day.

"Can you run me by my house real quick?" I asked

"Sure babe."

When I got home I grabbed some clothes for tomorrow but I didn't grab anything else because I already had toiletries at Harry's house for when I sleep over there. I got back in the car and he drove to his house.

When we got back we sat on the couch and cuddled.

"Ella, I have something to tell you," Harry said.

"What is it?" I asked getting nervous by his serious tone.

"Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and I are going to try out for the Xfactor and if we get through we could be gone for a really long time."

"Oh," I said sadly. "When are you going to leave?"

"In two months." He said sadly.

"Oh well at least we have two months together." I said trying to cheer him up.

"Ya, let's go get in bed," he said getting off the couch.

When we got in his big king sized bed we both snuggled together. After a few minutes I was almost asleep.

"Goodnight Harry. I love you so much," I said kissing his forehead.

"I love you too Ella." He said opening his eyes and giving me a kiss on the lips.

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