Friends or More?

Harry has been my best friend since I can remember but what happens when we realize we have feelings for each other?


13. Where's Harry?

I woke up again to the sound of an alarm clock. I hopped in the shower really quick then went downstairs to make breakfast. I decided on eggs, bacon, and toast. Just as I finished cooking harry came down wearing his usual skinny jeans and a t-shirt.

After we finished eating, I went upstairs to get ready. I braided my hair down the side and put mascara on around my bright blue eyes. After I put on my foundation and some lipgloss I went to change. I had a shirt that said "Hipsta Please", denim shorts and purple converse tennis shoes.

"Ready to go?" Harry asked walking into the bathroom.

"Yep," I said grabbing my purse.

We walked into my first class, history, with Mr. Carver. This was one of the 2 classes I have with Harry. Harry chose the seat behind me to sit at. During class when we were supposed to be taking notes harry kept kicking my butt.

"Harry stop!!!" I said turning around.

"Is there a problem?" Mr. Carver asked looking at me.

"No sir," I mumbled.

"Well you definitely won't have a problem after you and Mr. Styles have detention after school today," he said handing me and Harry a detention slip.

This was awful. I have never had detention before! Oh well YOLO right?

At lunch everyone was sitting at our usual table except Harry. At first I didn't care but then I decided to go to the restroom and see if I could find Harry along the way.

As I was about to reach the bathroom I saw Harry and the popular girl Melissa making out in the hallway. I was absolutely horrified. I wanted to make sure he didn't pull away or try to defend me before I went accusing him of cheating.

Then I saw them pull away out of breath. Harry said, "I love you, Melissa, not Ella."

I ran back to the lunch room and got Perrie. She didn't even know what was going on. I had just grabbed her and dragged her to the bathroom. When we got there I just sat on the floor and started sobbing.

"Oh my gosh Ella! What happened?"

"I w-was walking t-to the b-bathroom and I saw H-Harry m-making out with M-Melissa," I said between sobs.

"Maybe he pulled away or something?" She suggested trying to make me feel better.

"N-no after they pulled away h-he said 'I love you Melissa, not Ella'" I said still crying.

"Shhhhh... It'll be ok," Perrie said rubbing my back soothingly.

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