Friends or More?

Harry has been my best friend since I can remember but what happens when we realize we have feelings for each other?


4. The Kiss

"So how's your eye?" I asked trying to break the silence.

"It's fine," he said rubbing his now purple eye. He started to lean in. At first I was confused but then I realized he was going to kiss me. The moment I had dreamt about since I met him was finally coming true! Our lips were about to touch when Louis poked his head in the door.

"Am I interrupting something?" He asked with his eyebrows raised.

"I'm gonna kill him," I heard Harry mumble."What do you want Lou?" He asked agitated.

"Your 2 minutes is up, but I see that wasn't enough time for you two," he replied. I blushed lightly and looked at the ground.

"Give us two more minutes?" Harry begged.

"Ok whatever you say lovebirds," Louis said with a wink as he left.

"Now where were we?" Harry asked leaning in. This time there were no interruptions. I felt sparks fly as his lips touched mine. This was the best first kiss anyone could ask for. We both pulled away and said at the same time,"That was amazing!"

"I guess we should head back down," I said taking Harry's hand. When we got back down everyone was staring at us and I started blushing.

"Are you two a couple now?" Zayn asked excitedly.

Harry and I looked at each other and he said, "We will be soon."

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