Friends or More?

Harry has been my best friend since I can remember but what happens when we realize we have feelings for each other?


8. Date Plans

"Uggggggghhhhhhh," I groaned as Harry pulled out of Starbucks.

"Whats wrong, love?" Harry asked.

"We have school tomorrow," I replied.

"Don't worry I'll be there too, babe."

"Ya but I only have two classes with you."

"You'll be fine."

When we got home I sat down on the couch next to Harry, who had just turned the TV on. He looked deep in concentration and it was quite adorable.

"I want to take you on a proper date today since Adaline and Niall were with us this morning," he finally said.

"Ok! Sounds fun, is it gonna be casual or formal?" I asked.


"Ok what time will you pick me up?"

"Well, it is a lunch date so I will pick you up at 11:30."

"Ok. Can you drop me off at home right now?" I asked.

"Sure babe."

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