Friends or More?

Harry has been my best friend since I can remember but what happens when we realize we have feelings for each other?


5. Almost Asleep

All of my friends went home and since I lived in a different neighborhood I spent the night with Harry. We both started walking to his bedroom.

"Do you have a sweatshirt and some sweatpants I could borrow?" I asked.

"Ya sure," he said as he looked through his drawers. I told him thanks as he threw me his clothes. I changed in the bathroom while Harry changed in the room.

When I got out he turned the TV on and we cuddled together. He was playing with my hair and every once in a while he would lean down and kiss my head, sending shivers down my spine.

Harry laid his head in my lap as he started to doze off. After about 30 minutes when I was almost sure he was asleep, I bent down and whispered,"I love you Harry." I saw his lips curl up into a smile.

"Oh crap, he was awake!" I thought in my head.

"I love you too, Ella," he murmured sleepily, making my heart flutter.

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