Ghalia is a world filled with mysteries shrouded in darkness and magic hidden in the forests. Man divided the world up between three great nations: Marin, Lafelion, Rourik. Although they are in peace now, evil stirs within the dark corners of the world again. Now the race to stay alive is upon them; their only hope left lies in the hands of the Arklings.


8. Chapter 7

Finally gathering myself again, I ventured to ask a question.

            “How do you know that I am an Arkling?” In replacement of the anger, which had begun to subside for the moment, questions began to swim in my mind. So many, swirled faster and faster, until I could barely make sense of the words in my head, let alone any answers I may receive.

            “Violet irises are rare. So much so that the only owners of such eye color are all recorded in our history. Every one of them were Arklings.”

            “That’s not enough proof to make me an Arkling.” My retort shot out faster than I could hold it back. His head nodded, admitingly, but I could tell that he wasn’t one to give up.

            “It is enough, however, to qualify you for the tests,” he said as he rose from his chair. His hands lightly pressed the non-existent wrinkles out of his navy tunic as he stood. “You should be fully recovered in a few days at the longest. I wish you the best of luck.” The formality of his dismissal irked me as he turned towards the door. I was not about him to leave just like that.

            “What tests,” I shouted at his back. His hand paused on the hand of the door. For a moment, I wasn’t sure if he was even going to respond, but finally, after collecting his thoughts, he turned back towards me.

            “There are specific tests designed to find Arklings. Once you are able to, we will begin administering the physical tests. As for the written portion you may start that tomorrow.” Once again his body angled towards the door but then he paused once more. To my curiosity, he turned back to me. “Bucket is not a real name. Your life now resides here, and so you must adapt. From now on you shall be known as Rynn.” No more pausing, his body slipped through the doorway not bothering to hear the words that were building up in my throat. The sound of the door closing marked the end of the interrogation.

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