Best Friends

*my first story! Yay!*
Lexi is a pretty regular girl. The only difference is that she's been Harry Styles' Best Friend since she was four. And her dad let before she was born, and her twin sister commited suicide at the age of thirteen. But Harry's always there to help her along the way. Until it's her turn to help him...


1. Prologue

I was sitting on a bench, like my mum told me to do when I got lost. And I was crying.  Alot.

"Are you okay?" Asked a boy, the same age as me.

"I can't find my mummy." I cried. The boy sat next to me.

"Well, until your mummy comes, I'll keep you company. I'm Harry." He smiled.

"Lexi." I answered, sniffling.

"Well, Lexi, how old are you?"

"I'm four."

"Me too!"

"That's cool." I quitly said, my eyes teary.

"It'll be okay." Harry said.

"Oh, my baby! Lexi! Where did you go?" My mum had a worried expression on her face.

"Yeah, Lexi." Said my twin, Carly.

"You guys left me. But I made a new friend. His name is Harry." I said.

"Harry! Are you talking to strangers?" Asked a woman. I think it was Harry's mum.

"Oh, hi. Your boy, Harry? He was just making friends with my daughter. I'm Hazel." My mom extended her hand toward Harry's mother.

"I'm Ann." She said, and took my mom's hand, shaking it.

"We should have a playdate sometime. That would be awesome!" I said, showing my toothy grin.

"Sure! Tomorrow?" He replied.


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