The Phantom

Annabelle is an aspiring southern actress. She just moved from a small Georgia town to Atlanta. While on her way to a call back she is run into by a curly haired, green eyed, Brit. That one moment while she was running late to her audition will change her life forever

~Cover made by me, If you want one, just ask.


4. The Disappearing Act

Lilly's P.O.V.

I had never really noticed Liam before. My favorite had always been Niall. But now that I had met Liam, well I felt safe. Like nothing would ever hurt me, because he wouldn’t allow it.

“And This, Lilly, is the stage entrance” Liam said as he pulled me from behind the screen.

“Wow!” was all I was able to get out at that moment. The stadium seemed bigger from this angle. Scarier. “I don’t know how you are able to do it.” I walked over the edge and sat, hanging my feet over the side.

“It takes some getting used to” He sat down next to me. “The first time I performed in front of a crowd like this I almost threw up from nerves.” He looked down at his feet.

“Really?” I asked “I never would have thought of you as one to get nervous.”

“I don’t anymore, really.” He said looking deep into my eyes.

I felt transparent, like he could see straight into my soul.

“It’s the fans like you that make it possible.” Liam said.

Ouch, I guess im just another fan. Why would I think that I could be anything more?

“I know that no matter what goes wrong on stage, no matter how bad it gets, that you all won’t care. Because it’s me and the boys you care about, not our bad qualities.”

I smiled, even though I knew that I wasn’t that special. I was just one fan in the millions. Though it still felt good to be recognized.

He stood and put a hand out for me, “Come on, your sister is probably ready to leave. She looked like she really wasn’t that excited to be here.”

“Yeah, the tickets were a birthday present, I’ll be 18 tomorrow.” We had reached the back of the stage, and were headed back toward the others.

“Happy Birthday,” He said looking down at his watch. “It’s 1 AM so you are officially 18 now.”

“Thanks, I never would have thought that my first ‘Happy Birthday’ when I turned 18 would be from a member from my favorite band.” I said smiling at the ground.

“Well, you’re very welcome” He said as we reached the rest of the band and my sister.


Annabelle’s P.O.V.

“Hey,” I tapped Harry’s shoulder. “Here they come. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I turned and headed for the door. I looked back and watched Lilly say her goodbyes, It was obvious that she didn’t want to leave.




“His eyes are so, mmmmm!” Lilly hadn’t stopped talking about Liam since we had gotten in the car. “I can’t describe them. Words can’t do them justice!”

    Wow! Harry really seems to like me. But what about the tour? I bet he has a girl like me in every city. I have no chance with him, but why do I even want to be with him? He has girls swooning over him 24/7. I’m just something for him to use to pass the time. But his eyes, they are so green. And the way the sparkle in the sun. Lilly can never know about my feelings for Harry. Or about the date tomorrow, she would kill me.

    “By the way, I’m pregnant with Matt Bomber’s child, and I’m moving to Czechoslovakia to raise the child with my lesbian girlfriend.”

    “That’s great!” was all I said.

    “Did you hear anything I have said in the last 30 minutes?” she said as she waved her hand in front of my face.

    “OH MY GOD! WHAT are you doing?! You don’t wave your hand in front of someones face while they are driving, especially while they are on the interstate at 3 in the morning!” I yelled at her “Are you mentally insane or something!?”

    “Glad to know that you approve of what I have chosen to do with the rest of my life.” Lilly was staring out the windshield, gazing at the red and white lights of the cars in front of us, all going their own separate ways. “So, you never told me how the audition went.” she said, changing the subject.

    “Didn’t go. There were some,” I paused “Complications.” I hope she doesn’t ask what “complications” meant

    “What kind of ‘Complications’?” She asked putting air quotes around “Complications”

    Guess I’m not that lucky. Got what am I gonna say the “complication” is? I asked myself. “The casting director got food poisoning.” That should work, It’s believable.

    “Sure she did.” Lilly could tell it was a lie, but decided not to push it. “You reschedule?”

    “Yea, tomorrow at 3:30.” I lied. I had needed her to believe that it started earlier, so she wouldn’t be suspicious.

    “I’m gonna go ahead and tell you good luck, ‘cause I will most likely still be asleep when you leave.” That was the last thing she said the rest of the way home. She was picking up on the fact that I wasn’t in the mood to talk.




Harry’s P.O.V.

“Do you want to go ahead and order?” asked the waitress. Annabelle was 20 minutes late.

    “No.” I said as I glanced down at my Rolex. What good is an expensive watch, if all it’s going to do is make you sad? I asked my self “She will be here, I know it.”

    “Okay. Call me over when you are.” The waitress walked away to check one of her other tables.

    Annabelle was already 20 minutes late. Where is she?

    “I am soooo sorry I’m late!” Annabelle said, interrupting my thoughts. “There was a wreck on I 85 that took me 20 minutes to pass. I left with a 20 minute cushion, incase I ran into traffic, which I did. But I guess I didn’t leave soon enough”

    “It’s okay,” I said waving over the waitress. “I was a bit late myself. Had to take a detour to avoid fans”

    “So nice to see that you have arrived safely Ms. Camp. Is there anything that you want?” The waitress asked her.

    “Yes, The lobster looks good.”

    “Ok” she wrote down in her pad. “And for you Mr. Styles?”

    “Yes, How fresh is the octopus?” I asked,

“Just came in this morning.”

“Great” I said, handing her the menu “I will have that.” I turned to Annabelle as the waitress walked away “Don’t worry about the bill by the way, I got it cover.” I directed at Annabelle.

    “Oh, I know” She said, as she stood up.

    “Where are you going?”

    “The little girls room,” she looked into my eyes “I mean, you can come if you want. I’m sure none of the other girls in the restroom would mind” She turned away, her shoulder length reddish hair making a fan and landing back down in its original position.

    Wow! She’s a bit wound up

    “Harry.” came a small voice to my right.

    I looked down to see a girl, no older than 5 holding a phone. Her blond curls in pigtails. “Yes?”

    “Can I get a picture with you?” She looked down at the phone in her hands. She looked shy and nervous.

    “Yes you can.” Her entire face lighting up as I soon as I said the words. I took the phone from her, switching it to the front camera. “Say cheese!”

    “Cheese” we both said in unison. There was a beep and a flash.

    “Here you go.” I handed her the phone back.

    “THANK YOU!” She squeaked, and headed back to her table

    “That was so sweet” came a voice from nowhere.

    “Oh My God” I said, realizing it was Annabelle

    “Nope, Just me” she responded

    “How long were you standing there?”

    “About two and a half seconds now.” She reached for her chair.

    I jumped out of mine before she could move her chair, and pulled hers out for her.

    “Thank You.” She said sitting down.

    “That’s just what you do for a beautiful woman”


Annabelle’s P.O.V.

    He’s really trying to impress me. He was so cute taking a picture with that little girl.

“We have about twenty minutes before I have to leave for my audition”

    “Oh, I forgot.” He said, waving the waitress over.

    “Yes? Is there something you need?”

    “Can we get our food take-away? We have somewhere to be in about twenty minutes.”

    She looked stunned by his request. “Um, I will see what I can do.” she turned and headed for the kitchen door.

    “We?” I raised an eyebrow at him

    “Yes, ‘We’” he replied “I’m taking you.”

    “Whatever” I continued to to look around the room. We were getting stares, but then again I was on a date with “The Harry Styles”. People weren’t even paying attention to the other celebrities in the room, and there was a good bit of them.

    The conversation wandered to Lilly and Liam. Apparently he hadn’t stopped talking about her all night.

    “Here you go” The waitress said, as she laid down the togo boxes. I had never seen any so fancy, then again I had never been a restaurant as nice as this. Everything was white, except for the ceiling, which was black.

    “Thank you” I said as I grabbed mine. I looked across the table. “Harry?” I said, breaking him out of his daze. “You gonna get the check?”

    “Oh, yeah,” Harry said coming back into reality, “check please.”

    “Yes, I will be back in a moment.” She returned a moment later, and handed the check to Harry.

    “How much?” I asked him, leaning over the table to get a better look at the bill.

    “$108” He said, as if it was a $20 bill.

    “Thats A-LOT”

“Not for a restaurant of this quality.”



    “Are you nervous?” It was the only thing he had said to me since he left the restaurant.

    “Not really. I know my chances of getting the part are slim.” I looked down at the tiled floor of the waiting room. “But it would be awesome to get it.”

    “Annabelle?” called a voice from behind the door. “They are ready for you”

    I stood and handed my purse to Harry. “Good luck! I’ll be here when you get out” he called as the lady closed the door behind me.


“Thank you for your time.” said the lady as I picked up my music from the piano player, and headed for the door.

They didn’t like me, I know it. Why else would she have said “Thank you for your time.” It had to be my worst audition ever. How could she had not have had a single comment? I’m gonna have to stop thinking about it. Whatever happens happens.

Harry wasn’t in the waiting room when I got out. “Harry?” I called but there was no answer.

“Miss?” Called the lady from behind the big desk. I could barely see her face over the counter she was so short, and the top counter so high. “Your bag.” she pointed at my purse sitting on the shelf. “The young man left it with me to give to you when you came out. Said he had somewhere to be.”

“Thank you.” I said as I grabbed my purse and headed out. I pulled out my phone and dialled Harry’s number. We had exchanged numbers yesterday when he dropped me off at my house. It rang for a good minute before going to voicemail.

I walked over to the nearest bench and decided to text him before calling a cab to take me back to the restaurant.


TO Harrison Smith: Where are you? I came out of the audion and you weren’t there. I’m gonna call a cab to take me back to Aria’s. I’ll text you if I hear anything about my audion. I assume you would want to know. Anyway txt me when you get this.


Harry had put his number under a name with the same initials as his, so no one would know that I had his number, especially my sister. There is no telling what she would do with it, And we do not want his number circulating out there in cyberspace.

    My phone rang just as I was getting into the cab. “Hello?”

    “Is this Annabelle Camp?” said the voice on the other side of the speaker.

    “This is she. My I ask who is calling?”

    “Yes, we are with the theater company. I am calling to inform you that you have received the part of Christine Daaé.” Her voice was very monotone.

    “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” I half screamed into my phone. The cab driver gave me look, as if to say, “Quiet down or get out.”

    “Yes. The rehearsal schedule will be posted on the website something with in the next week. We are excited to be working with you,”

    “I promise that you won’t regret your decision!”

    “We hope not” Was the last thing she said before I heard the beep signaling the end of the call.

    I scrolled through my contacts looking for Harry to text him the news.


TO Harrison Smith: GOT THE PART!!!


There was still no answer. I remembered my sister and texted her




TO Lilly: I KNOW!

FROM Lilly: I’ll see you when you get back. We can celebrate. How about we go out to eat? I’m Buying. NO exceptions

TO Lilly: See you when I get back!


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