The Phantom

Annabelle is an aspiring southern actress. She just moved from a small Georgia town to Atlanta. While on her way to a call back she is run into by a curly haired, green eyed, Brit. That one moment while she was running late to her audition will change her life forever

~Cover made by me, If you want one, just ask.


11. That's Not Me

"Here, Try this one on." Harry said, slinging a bikini at me.

"No." I said, throwing it back to him. "I have told you four times now that I don't like polka-dots or fringe. So what what do you do, you pick me out a green and pink polka-dot and fringe bikini. No. Just Stop." I held up my hand and turned around. I continued to sift through the racks and rack of swimsuits. I had given Harry very specific guidelines. NO polka-dots, and NO fringe. So far every on he had pulled had one on the two on it. I pulled out a High wasted bikini in blue and held it up to him for approval. Since he was the one buying it, I thought it was only fair that he had some say.

"I like it, but do they have it in another color?" He asked.

"Um.." I said, sifting through some more swimsuits. "Yeah," I said pulling out another. "They have it in maroon."

"I like it." He said. "You should try it on." he smiled. He reached to take it from me, adding it to the other 3 hanging in his hands. "I think we have enough. Shall we go see how these look?" He asked as he turned and walked toward the dressing room. I just stood there watching him, Admiring the way he walked. I wonder how he can fit into those jeans, let alone walk.

"You know, I would try them on myself, but I think I'm a bit too big, and they aren't exactly my style." He said, holding up the swimsuits, indicating that he meant them.

"Yeah." I smiled, running my fingers through my bangs, pushing them out of my eyes. I had meant to get them cut earlier that week, but I had had practice. I followed Harry to the dressing room. He opened the door and walked in. I stopped in my tracks. "What are you doing?" I asked him, as I crossed my arms over my chest, furrowing my brow.

"Fine." He said, throwing his hands up in surrender. I stepped to my right, allowing him to exit. I closed and locked the door behind him, and undressed slowly, examining my body in the reflection. I hated mirrors. They pointed out my every flaw. I reached for the bikini on top, which happened to be the burgundy one.

I slipped it on, and looked in the mirror. I had to admit, I liked it. It made me look like I had curves, something I was not gifted with like my sister. My waist looked small. I looked tiny. My legs looked like they belonged on a model. I had never thought of myself as beautiful,  but now, looking at the stranger staring back at me, at this beautiful creature standing in front of me, I saw for the first time, what others saw.

"Can I see?" Harry asked through the door, dragging me back to reality.

I blinked away the haze, "uh yeah. Give me a second." I said. I smoothed the wrinkles out of the bottoms. I turned around and looked at the door. Why the hell am I so nervous? I thought. It's not like I care what the thinks about me. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Wow." Harry said, giving me a once over."may sound gy when I say this, but that is your color." He walked overt to me and grabbed m hand. I jerked my hand away and rubbed my knuckles with the other. As much as I wanted to touch Harry, to be close to him, it couldn't happen. Not now, not like this. "let's go look in the 3 way." He said, and walked toward the one thing that I hated even more that regular mirrors. It's enough that mirrors point out every thing wrong, but 3 way's point out even more, at all angles.

"Um.. Okay." I said, walking behind him. I stopped in front of the mirror. There she was again. The stranger. The beautiful girl in front of me, blocking my reflection. It was me, but it wasn't.

"I love it." Harry said.

"Thanks." I said, in a daze. I felt like Charlie looking at Bella for the first time after her change. It was me, but it wasn't. I walked closer to the mirror. The more the gap closed, the harder it became for me to believe that I was looking at myself.

"You should get it." Harry said, walking closer. "I don't think your'e going to find another that looks even half as good on you as this one."

"Okay." I said, not really paying attention, I was too busy marveling at my reflection, trying to figure out how the mirror was changing my appearance.

"Shit!" I heard Harry scream whisper. He practically dived into my dressing room. I managed to squeeze myself in as he slammed the door.

"What was that about?" I asked, watching him pace in the small dressing room. Which in here was more of a step spin, step spin, and repeat. 

He stopped mid stride, widening his eyes and bringing his index finger to his lips, as if to say "Shh"

I walked around him to get to my cloths. I motioned with my hand for him to turn around. He did so, throwing up his hands.


Harry's P.O.V.


Wow, she is beautiful. I thought. She is the only person I know who looks good in florescent lighting. She was just standing there, with a look of amazement on her face. She was so pale that I could almost see through her skin, making her look like a china doll.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to get a better look. I caught two girls staring at me. One Asian, one Blond. "SHIT!" I yelled under my breath. I rotated on my heals, and almost jumped into Annabelle's dressing room. I started to slam the door, but stopped as Annabelle squeezed herself in after me, with a confused look on her face. I closed and locked the door behind her. I started pacing in the small space making myself dizzy.

"What was that about?" She asked.

I lifted m finger to my mouth to tell her to be quiet. She rolled her eyes, and stepped around me for her cloths. She motioned with her hand for me to turn around. I did so, not wanting to make her angry again.

I heard the soft voices of the girls through the thin walls. "Gracie, I'm telling you it's him."

"You just want it to be him." I heard her heals hit the floor as she walked. "You have been staring down anyone who even remotely looks a like a member since we saw Liam at Pizza Hut. It's probably just Nate anyway."

"Well it says right here that he's in town with some blond." Said the girl, Gracie, I believe.

"Where?" said the other girl.

"Right here. 'Harry Styles was spotted at The Walking Dead set earlier today. He was seen drivin an unconscious blond away front the set after she passed out. Who is this girl? Are four of the five heart throbs taken now? And why is Harry in some town in Georgia. Is he going to have a cameo on The Walking Dead? More to come.'" The girl went quiet when she finished the article.

"OH MY GOD!" I heard one shriek. "I think that's Annabelle!"

"Who?" asked Gracie.

"Annabelle. She was in the class ahead of us. We had chem with her."

"Who?" asked Gracie again

"She was quiet. Didn't talk much. I just remember her 'cause she was always humming show tunes."

"What's going on?" Annabelle asked from behind me. "Why are you pressing up against the door?" she put her hands on her now dressed hips. "You know what, I don't care. You can be weird all by yourself. I'm gonna go put these up." She grabbed the other swimsuits off the hook, and pushed me out of the way.

"No! Don't!" I almost yelled, grabbing her wrist. But I was too late, the door was standing open. Gracie and the other girl were staring, Mouths to the floor.

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