The Phantom

Annabelle is an aspiring southern actress. She just moved from a small Georgia town to Atlanta. While on her way to a call back she is run into by a curly haired, green eyed, Brit. That one moment while she was running late to her audition will change her life forever

~Cover made by me, If you want one, just ask.


3. A Night at the Opera

“Here Lilly, Happy early Birthday” I said as i handed my sister the tickets.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” The scream was ear splitting. I had thought I was prepared. “NO! YOU! DID! NOT!” She was still yelling “How did you get these?! They sold out over a year ago!”

“I know a someone.” simple, and short. maybe she won’t want details.

“Who?” Her blond hair was bouncing all over as she hopped up and down with excitement.

Guess not. Tread carefully. you're in dangerous waters. “He’s a guy” I paused to think of how to continue. “On the inside” it technically isn’t a lie I thought. I’m just not elaborating on how “inside” he actually is.

“We Have To Leave NOW!” Lilly started running around the room, knocking down everything in her path. She was a new type of natural disaster. “THE SHOW STARTS IN 5 HOURS!”

“So why do we have to leave now?”

“Because it’s already really crowded by now!”

“Fine go get ready, I’ll be waiting in the car.” I waved her away

“You’re going like that?” she asked, giving me a once over

I looked down at my jeans, T-shirt and uggs. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“You can’t go to a One Direction concert dressed like that!”

“Fine, I’ll go change” I gave her a look, and headed to my room to change. I put on my favorite pair of high-waisted jeans, and a sky blue floral crop top. Then i found some leaf green pumps to match the green leaves on my shirt. Then i grabbed my favourite leather jacket and headed for the door. “I’ll be in the car!” i called behind me as i stepped out the door.

“Be there in 5!” Lilly called back, which in Lilly talke ment “Be there in 10 minutes or more”

The drive up there was hell. There is no other way to explain it. The entire ride consisted of Lilly blasting One Direction’s new albumb “Midnight Memories” occasionly adding songs into the mix from their other two albumbs.

We drove in circles for what seemed like hours trying to find a place to park. Ther were only 2 and a half hours before the show when we reached the gait. “Ticket please” said the lady behind the counter. She was obviously over it. She looked as if she were about to suckerpunch me in the face, just for being there.

I felt like i was being packed in a sardine can. I couldn’t move an inch without touching someone, literaly! I hate people! I hate people! I hate people! I hated crouds, always had. I was a bit of an introvert. It took us a good 30 minutes to find our seats. They were much closer to the stage than I had thought. The third row.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Was the only thing Lilly was able to get out of her mouth. “I AM GOING TO DIE!”

That’s when the lights demed and the screems got louder. I was screaming on the inside. Screaming for it to end, that is. “What are th?” I was interupted by be loudest nois i have ever heard, I turned to to stage to see Harry pop up. Followed by Liam, Zayn, Niall, then Louis. All in that order.


“Maybe it’s the way she walked. Sraight into my heart and stole it!” Harry started. Atleast I think he was singing, i could barley hear his voice over the sound of the girls screaming along.

“Through the doors and past the gards, Just like she already ownd it” Harry sang, as he neeled down at the edge of the stage and stared into my eyes. Obviously Lilly thought that he was looking at her, but I knew better. He was playing me.

I started to turn to walk out as Zayn started his part, but Lilly grabbed my arm and turned me around “DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE” I think she yelled, could barely hear over the scream.

“FINE!” I yelled back, and sat in my seat, with my arms crossed the rest of the concert. Occasionally Harry would walk over and stare into my eyes, poing and wink. I would repeatedly roll my eyes or stick my tongue out.

Thank God it’s over! I thought to myself as I grabbed my purse to go. Crap! I forgot about going back stage!

Lilly dragged me to the entrance to the back. Dragging me by my lanyard and shoveing it in the ushers face. He knodded and opend the curten.

“OMG!” Lilly screamed, “I have to face time Frenzie!” She whiped her phone out, jumping up and down whily waiting for her best friend to answer.

“What is it Lilly?” Frenzie sighed into the phone “Calling to rub all the details of the concert in my face?”

“NO! What kind of a friend would i be if i did that?” she pointedly said into the phone. “I called to rub in your face that I’m back stage!” she added a squiel at the end, continuing to jump.

“I’m going, all your doing is making me depressed”

“You wanna meat the boys?” Lilly asked mockingly

What is she talking about? I thought The boys arn’t here. we’re just behind the curtian.

“Really?” asked frenzie. she was excited now

‘beeb’ I heard the sound of lilly hanging up on her friend.

“That was so mean of you!” I scoulded Lilly

“Well, she deserved it.” she defended “She didn’t want to hear about the concert.”

She continued, but I wasn’t listening. I was watching Harry run down the hall toword us.

SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! He better not act like he knows me!

“If she was a real friend” she trailed off as Harry walked up to us. I actualy think she stopped breathing.

“Hey, I’m Harry” he introduced himself. Which was obviously usless. “And this is Niall, Louis, Zayn,” He introduced them as they arrived, “And this is Liam” He said pointing dow the hallway at the shape running to catch up.

“I’m Lilly.” was all she could get out it seamed. She was byond starstuck.

Liam couldn’t seam to keep his eyes off her, while Harry wouldn’t stop staring directly at me.

“So Lilly, Is it” said Liam. “Thats a pretty name, very old”

“Thanks, it’s short for ‘Lillian’” She said looking at the ground

I could see what liam like in her. She was short and curvy, like Marilyn Monroe curvy. She had long blond, shiny hair and blue eyes. Freckles on her nose, and huge smile. I was jelous of her, she had her provocative curves, and I had a stick of a dancer.

“You wanna see something?” Liam asked her, with his cute central England British accent.

“Sure” was all she said, following him down the hallway.

“Well then” Said Niall, Laughing “Looks like Liams ‘in love.’” Putting infasis on “In love.”

    “So.. your this the mystary girl Harry has been talking about all night” Louis said, Looking me up and down. Making me selfconcus. “Harry you did not do her justice.”

    “I know. I don’t think it’s possible to describe her beauty.”

    “Not to make this awkward, but I’d like to make it clear that im not a dog.”

    “And she’s got a sence of humar!” Louis was laughing at me.

    “What’s your name ‘Mystery Girl?’ Or is that your name?”

    “Harry doesn’t do me justice in descrbing what I look like, and doesn’t tell you my name.” I say crossing my arms over my chest. “That tells me all I need to know about what kind of person you think I am” I was giving Harry the death stare. “Nice to know you think of me as an object that you can walk all over.” I turned back to Louis, Niall and Zayn “The name is Annabelle by the way.” I turned away and started to walk taword the exit, “Tell Lilly I’ll be in the car, when she gets back, will you?!” I called without turning around.

    “WAIT!” Harry called, as he ran after me “I didn’t tell them your name because I thought that I couldn’t describe you well enough to tell them your name, and them to understand how even with a name as beautiful as yours, it doesn’t come close to how beautiful you are, and the glow you have.”

    “You really mean that?” I asked sarcasticly

    “Yea, I really do!” he eyes were huge, and wild looking. He had beads of sweat on his brow.

    He really means it. And he looks nervouse. I thought “Fine. I’ll stay. But I can’t stay to long because, as you know, I have a date and a call back tomorrow. Plus its going to take me a good 3 hours to get home with all the traffic, so I won’t get home till like 4 o’clock”

    “Great!” He smiled cheekily.

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