Kidnapped by Tomlinson

When 17 year old Ashton was walking home from work one evening, she heard feet scuffling behind her, she didn't really care,, nothing would happen to her, until she felt someone's breath on her neck then a hand with a rag gently covering her mouth she gasps for air, she faints and the last thing she saw was a black van, then blackness. How stupid was she to get kidnapped? Was this a prank? She struggled to think when she could become conscious but that dreadful rag came back each time.


28. New Maturity



Ashton's P.O.V.



Louis has been faithful these remaining months, very. He got excited when the baby first kicked and now hes been preparing, or hiring people to prepare the babys nursery. He's so glad its a boy, he's been asking whether it'll look like me or him, i think him because this baby is a boy right? It should look like him after all.



I had just fallen asleep when i felt uncomfortable, it was, wet. I didnt pee the bed, and "LOUIS!!!!!!" I yell as i slip some toms on, he rushed in "Whats the matter?" His eyes wide. I hobbled over to him "Hospital. Now." I groaned as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder as i screamed in pain. The car ride was full of deep breaths and groans as i was going into contractions. Louis ran inside and soon after, he ran back out followed by nurses with a gurney, they put me on gently but i was in extreme pain. Louis had to go another way to go get changed since he was the only other person allowed inside the birth room. 



"C'mon Honey you can do it Push, Deep Breaths and Big Pushes," He whispered confrontingly in my ear. I couldn't really feel it, since they had put me on painkillers, but you could feel a little. I pushed and Pushed and soon Louis left my side as i heard something, crying. It sounded like, a child. Louis came back with something bloody in his hand wailing. He smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead while handing it over. After the nurses cleaned me up, we got settled down in our room, I had a natural birth so i only needed to stay tonight and then we could leave tomorrow, Louis was going to stay with me and the baby. 



"What are we going to name him?" I looked over at Louis and his eyes lit up. "I think we should name him Tommy, Tommy Tomlinson" He smiled "Middle name?" He looked over at me, "Tylon" I smiled. "Tommy Tylon Tomlinson, Tommy Tomlinson, or TT for short" He laughed and got beside me in the bed. "I think our kid will grow up to be great, don't you dear?" I smile at him "Yeah" He nodded "Now go to bed love we have a big day tomorrow" 



He was right, after we left the hospital we had to deal with when to change the baby, when to feed the baby, how we know when the baby went potty, we had to schedule a nap time. Louis's Mum came down to stay with us a few days so that we could have help, she gave me step by step information on how to breast feed and what most things mean. We got his birth certificate in the mail and put it in a frame in our room so we wont forget. 



We finally settled in for the night after a long week and even Jay went home, the baby was asleep and I laid in bed with Louis watching TV, "Hey Ashton" Louis says looking over at me "Yeah?" I reply and he leans in "I love you more than I ever thought I would" He smiled "I love you too" I smiled back as we kissed then went to sleep. 


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