Best friends


5. worst day ever

I was at my last class and I looked up and Megan just smiled at me she is up to something the bell rang I was the first one out. I got in to my car drove home but down my bag said hi to my mom and tell her I'm going out I could have called her but I left it at school.

I got to Starbucks and I can't believe what I am seeing. Louis kissing Megan again "SYD-"he yell but he was. Cut off by Megan kissing him I just ran to my car and drove home. I'm not falling for his trap ever again. I wish I can text katelynn but I don't have my phone.

I got home "hey mom can you do me a favor please!" I said begging "what is it"she asked conserned "can you please go the school and get my phone I left it in my locker and they will not let me get it" I said begging again "ok just give me the code to your locker" she said "kk"

THe next morning I woke up with my phone in front of my face yes! She got it for me "thanks mom" I tried yelling and went to go text katelynn what happened she like " what! That jerk and Megan of corse she did that she is a Bully you can fall in his trap ever again!" She said I love her as a sister she always has my back I texted her " ok but don't fall in Harry's trap make sure Megan doesn't find out or she will go kiss him to"I texted "yea like I will get a date with him" she texted I can see her frowning " hey I saw the way he looked at you do say that anyways ttyl" texted I went back to bed

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