Best friends


8. Starbucks

When I woke up today. I feel much better, I don't feel sick. I checked my temaputer, normal. I'm going to go to school. I got in the shower. I got changed. I grabbed my bag walked out I never eat breakfast I got in my car and drove off.

When I got to school, there is a breakfast door it's were you eat breakfast but if your not they make you line up in the hallway which is stupid until 10 minutes to the first bell rings. I walked in. Louis walked up to me "hey" I say in a sweet voice "hey" he said back

------(!skip the school day sorry)--------

I got home. Out down my bag and waited for Louis to pick me up. (5minutes later) Louis car pulls up "hey I said getting "hey you ready " he asked "yup"

We got there and something just came to me should I tell him. tell the truth. Ok I'm "hey hello earth to Sydney" he said laughed "oh yea sorry" I said "is ok" he said "hey Louis can I tell you something?" I asked "of corse" he said grabbing my hand "ok I don't know how to say this but before you came to my school I was a mess I was bullied by Megan and no one liked me katelynn was my only best friend. She was the one who help me stop um.... Cutting my self trying to kill myself she was their for me" I said I see a tear in Louis eyes "oh my god......... Can I tell you something too?" He asked "yup" I said " ok you know how ummm we were all nice to you?" "Yea" she said confused "well we were seeing who would um get to you first and the person who did will get money an-" I cut him off "WAIT WHAT WHY I THOUGHT YOU LIKED ME?" I yelled making people stare "I do I real-" I cut him off "save Louis I'm outta here " I said grabbing my purse and running home.

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