Best friends


4. it's a date

Sydney's p.o.v (again)

(The next day) I woke up "yes" I yell it's Friday I got up took a shower got dressed got my bag and ran down stairs "hey" my mom said "breakfast smells good but I'm not hungrey" I said walking out the door "you have to eat somethi-" I cut my mom off " look I will

eat breakfast at school ok" I said walking out the door this time all the way out and got in my car and drove off to school.

I got to school and got to the breakfast doors but I wasn't going to eat I just told my mom that there is one table that is so full I can't even see people who sitting ther- oh of corse Megan is at that table. See Megan is the brat she bullies me and katelynn and makes us give her our money if not she will do bad things to us I see her kissing LOUIS she knew that Louis was my favorite singer she sees me and smiles Louis looks at me while I'm walking away he looked upset

The bell rang I walked into the class room Louis smiles at me I don't do anything back "we're is miss.katelynn?" The teacher asked she " oh she it not here she is sick" I said while raising my hand. "Ok" she said writing some things on the board. I moan to myself when I note got thrown at me it from Louis " hey I'm guessing you and katelynn are close?" The note said I just got up and throw it away I hate when people throw notes at me. An than another one comes at me "can you come to Starbucks with me after school because it seams like your mad at me and we can talk it throw? -Louis" this time I just had to answer back "ok but I'm not mad at you mad at someone did this morning just to get me mad" I answered back "ok yay it's a date!" He answered back I just lugahed

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