Best friends


6. I hate school

The weekend is over I don't want to go to school at all. People are going to stare at me because I bet Megan told everyone. God I hate her so much. I have to suck it up and go. I got int eh shower, got dressed got my bag and went out the door to my car. I hope katelynn is going to be there. I got to school everyone is stareing I knew it,she told everyone. The bell rang and I got to my class yay katelynn is here she will Cheer me up. Grrrrr another note throw at me "is it true?" -Troy god I hate him to he is Megan's boyfriend. I got up and throw it away again I don't want to tell him that she kissed Louis twice it will not end well. Louis is not talking to me and probable never again he is just looking at me. Why did I get myself into? Drama that's what I got myself into " what did I just say?" The teacher said interrupting my thoughts "um ure...." I said " please stop getting side tracked!" She said she is right I need to stop I need to pay attention

Lunch finally, I can talk to katelynn she always hast back "hey gurl" katelynn said while sitting down "hey" I said smiling "look about you and Louis about Friday forget about him it's in the past" she said trying to cheer me up "I can't everyone is taking abou- WHY HIS HE COMING OVER HEAR!"I said starting to get up "wait I need to talk to you" Louis said grabbing my arm "what is there to talk about? That you were just trying to make me look a fool of myself?" I said raising my voice " she came up to me and you know" he said looking down "please give me a second chance please?" He said "I don't kno-" I got cut off "please"he said he will not give up "fine one more you mess it up don't talk to me ever again you got it and if we ever have plans don't tell anyone and I mean it because than Megan will figure out and I mean it not. Even your best bud" said "ok see you around" he said than walked away. Who knew I would say that to one of my favorite singers weird. (2hours later) I don't feel the best right now I feel like I'm getting a fever "mrs.jennings can I go down the nurse I feel like I'm greeting down with something?" I asked "yea let me write you a note " she said getting out a pen. I walked down "oh hey miss.? Sorry I don't know your name I never seen you before "she said (the nurse ) "I'm Sydney" I said "ok what's wrong?" She said reading the note "you feel like you are getting a fever? Let take you temperature" she said whole getting out the thing "oh man you temperature is 101 your going home" she said while calling my mom "can I go get my stuff to go home?"I ask "oh yes you may"she said. I like re she is nice when I went to go Tell eh teacher Louis looked at me worried. I got home and slept for the rear if the day

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