Best friends


7. homesick

I'm going to stay home tomorrow I don't feel good. I woke up from a 3 hour nap I looked at my phone "4:00pm that's just great" I said to my self every 4:00 me and katelynn would Skype. I look down and I have 5 miss calls and 8 messages from a unknown number should I call them back. Ok I will. It was ringing until "hello?" The person said "um yes hi I got five missed calls from this number and I just seeing who this is" I sai in a sweet an nice voice. "This is Louis from scho-" I cut I'm off " HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?" I said at this point I'm mad "um you friend katelynn" he said in a scared voice "of course she did she is trying to have me happy" I said laughing. He chuckled "I was just seeing if you want to go out sometime" he asked "sure of course. But I may not go to school tomorrow I don't feel good" I said " yea I heard you had a temperature" he said "yea well I got to go" I said "ok bye love" he said "ok" I said than hung up

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