Midnight Memories

What would you do if you were forced to choose between love and family? What if it would change your life forever? Ashley Cay, or Ash was stuck. She had a foot in two worlds, running with her pack at night and living the normal life or a seventeen year old. When five new boys come to her school, her pack is suddenly under attack. She has to choose, help save her pack, her family or stay with her friends and have a chance at love.


5. Chapter 4

Niall's POV


My vision was blurred beyond seeing shapes. The pain had spread from my ankle toall over my body. I felt the need to run around on my hands and feet.

"What's happening to me?" I cried out. 

I felt a hand grab my own holding it lightly. "It's ok Ni." A familiar voice said. "It will be over soon." 

"What's happening?" I asked again, winching as another wave of pain racked my body. 

"I promise it will be over soon." The voice repeated stroking my face lightly. "Just relax."

I lay my head down trying to ignore the pain when suddly wave after wave of pain hit my body. 

"It's happening." Another voice said. "Back away."

I fell forward landing on my hands and knees as a huge wave pain flood over me. The next second I was out like a light.

~An hour later~

"Niall wake up." A soft voice called. I open my eyes to see Ash, Jack and they're friend Chris stand in front of me. 

"How do you feel Niall?" Ash asked leaning down to look me in the eyes. Wait why does she have to lean down to look at me? I'm at least two inchest taller then her! I looked down at me feet to see paws!

"What happened to me?" I yelped.

Ash stepped forward. "Niall, your a werewolf."


Niall's Wolf::


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