Cassie is a 18 year old gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes.She is dating Talor Laughter but what happens when Talor abuses her and Niall comes to sweep her off her feet but there is a surprising twist read to find out more


3. My hero.

Talor was in the middle of beeting me up when I ran in my room and locked the door. I finished packing my things and sat there while Talor was beeting on the door. Then it all of a sudden it stopped and then I started to listen. The door bell was ringing like crazy. Talor opened the door and started to talk to someone I listened in " Niall, what are you doing here?" "I came to get someone." "No you did not she is not done with her punishment for trying to leave."" Yes she is I am going upstairs to get her." " No your not!"" Sorry Talor I did not want to do this.""boom" you could have herd that hit a mile away. As Talor's body hit the ground Niall was walking up the stairs. He got to my room and nocked. I unlocked the door and there he stood Niall Horan my hero we packed all of my things into the car which wasn't much since Talor would not let me go shopping. I turned to him and said thanks he said no problem but your bro will be happy to see you. Where are you going to live now? He asked. I really have no idea. You can live with us we have a spare bedroom you can stay in ok well call my bro and ask if it is ok with him. Niall was dialing the number and fifteen minuets later he came back " It took a little convincing but he is ok with it. Ok let's go then.

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