Cassie is a 18 year old gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes.She is dating Talor Laughter but what happens when Talor abuses her and Niall comes to sweep her off her feet but there is a surprising twist read to find out more


4. Bro

So the car ride was not that long but I knew we would be a good distance from Talor. Niall and I were having a good time laughing and singing to fave songs. Then we pulled up and I ran in the house looking for him "Sis" "Bro" "I missed you so much Cassie!" "I missed you to ... Liam!" Yup Liam Payne is my brother. "She is your sister, but she is so hot and your so....Never mind." "Shut up Harry!" I turned around to see a tall guy with curly hair and emerald green eyes. I was laughing the whole time. "What?" They asked. "Well, I am a model so I get told that all the time, but I never believe them." " Well you should!" They all said in union even Liam which made me giggle. But then I remembered that I never thanked Niall for saving me from Talor. I went over to him and hugged him." Why does he get a hug and I don't." Harry asked pouting. " Because he saved me from Talor." Just as Niall was about to protest I kissed him on the cheek he turned a deep red color. "Cassie please go find your room I need to talk to the lads for a moment." "Ok Liam."

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