The Blue Rose

Rose Payne moves to a new high school, Hampton High, and finds out her cousin who she hasn't seen for so long goes there too. Rose deals with Bullying, Drama, and heartache.


2. 2

After school Niall and I walked to J.J's Drive-In. We walked up to the counter to order. I looked in my bag for my wallet and realized I must have left it at home. "Rose do you want a milkshake?" Niall asked me. I looked at him for a second. "Um actually I forgot my wallet at home." I said, with a straight face. "Okay. I'll buy you one." he said, while shrugging his shoulders. "No it's fi-" He put his hand up and interrupted me. "It's fine. I said I'd buy you a milkshake. Now stop worrying and just go with the flow okay?" He said with a smile. I smiled back at him. "Alright then. I'll have a skittles milkshake." I said. That sounded so good right now, it was pretty hot. "Okay. Hey Jake, 2 Skittles please." Niall said to an employee. "Comin' right up." Jake said.

"Do you wanna sit?" Niall asked. "Sure where do you wanna sit?" I asked. All of the tables were decorated with red and pink hearts and red and pink heart shaped umbrellas for Valentine's Day. "How about over there?" He pointed to a table with a hot pink umbrella. We went and sat down. "Where are your friends?" I asked. I thought they were gonna hang out with Niall today after school. "Order up!" Jake called out. "Oh hold that thought. I'll be right back." Niall left to go get our drinks. My phone was ringing. I looked at the screen, it was Katie. Of course it was, it was her ringtone."Hello?" I asked. "Rose where are you?" Katie asked on the other end of the line worriedly. I'm at J.J's down the street with a guy from school. I'll be fine. Oh Niall's coming back, I'll see you when I get home." I hung up.

Niall came back with two straws but only one drink. I was a bit confused. "Hey what happened to the other drink?" I asked. He looked at me. "Oh the milkshake machine broke. They couldn't make the other milkshake. We can share this one if you want, that's why I got two straws." He said. I nodded, "Okay I guess we can share it." I said. We each took a sip. "Mmm. That's good." I said, smiling. "Yeah. So you asked me a question? What was it." he asked. I looked down at my phone, I was getting another phone call. I hit ignore. "Oh I was asking where your frien-" I was interrupted by the same girl from this morning.

"What do you think your doing with my brother?" she said, furiously. "Amber, go away. No one wants any of your drama." Niall said to her. She glared at me. What did I ever do to her? "Well if I'm gonna go away, then so is she." Amber said, while pointing at me. I noticed there were two other girls with her. Amber whispered something in each of their ears. The two girls ran up to the counter and came back with a can of spray on whip-cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. What was she going to do? I thought to myself. "Maybe this'll teach you to stay away from my brother." She grabbed the milkshake and poured it over my head. she snapped her fingers and the two girls put whip cream, sprinkles, and the cherry on my head. I was not happy.

"OH. MY. GOD! Are you kidding me?!?" I was furious. I couldn't believe she just did that. "Stay away from Niall. Got it?" she asked me. "AMBER! GO HOME!" Niall yelled at her. Niall ran up to the counter to get some napkins, but by the time he came back, I was already running down the street to my house. In tears.

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