Age doesn't matter

In that book there is a girl witch is twelve years old. She meets Louis Tomlinson in her dad's pizzeria. Lou looks for creative girl, and Magdalena (which is her name) is most creative of every girls that Boobear have known in his life. Then into action turns Niall Horan. At the moment Mag losts one of her best friend, Maya. Magdalena likes Niall most of 1D. Well, there will be some problems to get through it, b'cos she is 12, Louis 21 and Niall 20. To add, Lou and Niall love her and they want her as their girlfriend! What will they do because of that?
Hope you'll like it,


4. Supeise'n love

Suprise'n love

Niall P. O. V. :

I woke up. I suddenly remembered all the things that I have did yesterday. I have a girlfriend. Wow! My princess came to me. Finally! My love..."Oh my god! What you doin here?" she asked with scared voice. "Hey, my sweet girlfriend, don't freak out. I had sleepo-" I was saying until she stopped me. "Girlfriend? Really I am? Oh, yes, I can remember everything now. Ok. So any plans? Hm?" she asked. "No, actually. But..." I started to say, but my phone had an massage. From Louis. Oo...

L (Louis) & N (me, Niall)

L: where the hell you are? Come on! Interwiew will start in one hour.

N: on a sleepover with fan. Have you known that there weren't any rooms?

L: yep. So? When you will come?

N: dunno. Will ask my girlfriend.

L: girlfriend? One sleepover, and u have 'ur princess'?

N: yep.

L: can u bring her?

N: dunno. I'll ask her parents.

L: ok. Bye :)

N: bye.

We ended conversation. I asked Mag...

Mag P. O. V. :

"Do you want to come on an interwiew?" he asked. I was pretty sure that I want, really much. But can I? "I'll ask my mum. Ok?" I asked. He nodded yes. I went to salon. "Mornin, mummy." I said. "Mornin, Hun. How are ya? And Niall?" she replied. "Good. They say that they have an interview. And can I come with them? Louis and Niall asked me." I pleased her very much. "Yep, but be careful. Ok? Wait, eat breakfast. And ask Niall if he want to." she said. I came into room. "Wanna breakfast?" I asked. "Yep, very hungry." he replied. We laughed. We ate some bread with jam, some with ham and other sandwiches. Then I called taxi. We changed clothes. While that we talked about nothing and everything. "So... Did your mum let you come on an interview?" He asked nervously. "Don't be nervous, babe! My mum let me. Telling boys?" I riposted. "Yea, I'll text Lou. He asked me that. O, wait, no!" His voice was afraid. Very afraid. "Lou love you. When he will see that I had sleepover with you, you are my girlfriend, so he know everything. I know this sounds strange..." He said, but I cut his words. "How Louis know?!" I was a little angry. "Babe, don't freak out, I told him everything. By massages." He looked a little sad, because I yelled at him. "Oh, sorry! Forgive me Nialler!" I looked at him with sad eyes. I think it worked. "Ok ok, forgive ya." He smiled. "Oh, taxi is here..." I said. We went downstairs. All went by, there were suprise and love! In taxi, I told that man we want to drive to TVP station. We will be in TV!...

Niall P. O. V. :

She was really happy because of being in TV. And with us?! Being in TV is normal for me. "Text Lou with who we will have an interview. Ok?" She asked excited. "K." I answered. "Oh, he wrote that we will have an interview with Ash Pearl!" I told her. "Boy or girl? You know?" She asked. "Hope a girl..." I told her...

Mag P. O. V. :

Ash... Ash... Ash...? We'll, it will be a exciting day. Finally we got to TV station. I paid taxi driver and we went in. Good. A man got us to travel to the room. We will have interview in that room. I think. "Mag?! Your girlfriend? Sleepover?! You! " I heard Louis running in our direction.

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