Age doesn't matter

In that book there is a girl witch is twelve years old. She meets Louis Tomlinson in her dad's pizzeria. Lou looks for creative girl, and Magdalena (which is her name) is most creative of every girls that Boobear have known in his life. Then into action turns Niall Horan. At the moment Mag losts one of her best friend, Maya. Magdalena likes Niall most of 1D. Well, there will be some problems to get through it, b'cos she is 12, Louis 21 and Niall 20. To add, Lou and Niall love her and they want her as their girlfriend! What will they do because of that?
Hope you'll like it,


3. Singing&sleepover


Niall P. O. V. :

We said goodbyes to Mag's dad and then got into arena. Fans were already there. Mag sat in second row. We did songs from Up All Night tour. There is a list:

Na na na

Stand up

I gotta felling/ Stereo hearts

Valerie/ Torn


Gotta be you

More than this

Up all night

Tell me a lie

Everything about you

Use somebody

One thing

Save you tonight

What makes you beautiful

I want.

At more than this I looked at Mag. She is amazing. I love her. Age doesn't matter. I decided to ask her- does she want to be my girlfriend. I looked at her second time. She looked at me all the time to now. I started to sing my solo: "If I'm louder, would you see me, would you lay down in my arms and rescue me. B'cos we are the same, you save me, when you live it's gone again..." Then Liam turned on. I saw her crying. Then she saw that she doesn't have to cry, I thing she had good feelings about me. I knew that I have chance because I am her idol, as her dad said what does she think about me. I started to sing with boys.

*some songs after, at the pause*

I asked boys "Hey Lou do you remember her?" pointing at the Mag. "Yes, I do!" He answered...

Magda P. O. V. :

I suddenly heard a girl behind me saying "What that b**** did to be pointed by you, huh? She is fat and her face is plump! What a mess!" she yelled at me. "This is very nice girl. You shouldn't treat her like this! We were in her dad's pizzeria, it was amazing. Just..." said to her Niall, but Lou stopped him- "Paul, carry that girl out, ok?" he said and then Zayn helped me to get on the stage. "She is beautiful. How dare of you to make your 'boos' at her? What's wrong with her?" He asked while fans did lot of boos at me. Then, after he said it I heard clapping hands. After a few seconds there was big applause. I think for Zayn. "For who is it?" asked Harry. "For her, for her, for her!" Fans screamed. I was like in sky, flying, just free, b'cos I had applause and I did nothing. Then show went on and I stayed on stage whole time, singin with my... Ohh I think that I could call them 'mates'. Yay! After 'I want':

"Mag, what's your favorite song from 'Midnight Memories'?" asked Liam. "Strong, I thing." And they started to sing...

"My hand.

Your hand.

Tide up like two ships.



Waves try to break it.

I do anything to save it.

Why it is so hard to say it?" sang Zayn.

Song went on. When they ended, fans screamed "Bis, Bis!" and we (me and boys) sang Midnight Memories. They ended. Huh, hard song. "Please guys, play You and I, ok?" he asked. "Why?" asked Louis with jealous voice. "For Magdalena. Beautiful girl with beautiful name." he sighed and sang all song alone. There was biggest applause on the concert, boys yelled "Thank you!" and then fans went to exit doors. "There is a problem, Mag. Boys are in four different hotels, because in any others there is no any free room! So... I know that it shows my bad behavior, but... Can i sleepover in your house?" asked Niall. OMG it was so hot right now! He asked me for a sleepover! "I'll ask dad." I said with excited voice. I asked him where he was and if Niall could sleepover in our flat. "Ok, he can, I'm under the biggest entrance!" he said. "There will be no problems?" he asked. "It's ok, my older brother left some clothes, and everything was finished for Mayan's sleepover. So don't be so stressed, ok?" I asked him. He nodded yes. Then he got his luggage and we went together to my dad's car. "You was awesome. Thanks for you and I! I won't forget it!" I said with excited voice. Then we got into our Audi. "What is the hell going on? Why did you came fifteen minutes after? Something bad happened to you Mag? Is everything ok?" he asked with scared voice. "Nothing is going on. Because boys sang two songs more, and Niall one. Nothing bad happened to me. Everything is ok!" I answered dad's questions.

We got into our flat...

Niall P. O. V. :

it was small, but very nice flat. I think that it was enough for three people. Mag showed me her room, brother's room, their toilet, toilet for guests. I saw those two posters of me, our book named 'Where we are' and my biography. She had also four posters of us together! Wow! Really big DIRECTIONER!!! I was so excited by seeing it! "Why do you like us?" I asked. "Because of the words in songs. And music. It makes me soo happy!" she answered wit happiness in her voice. "I'm glad to hear it. Why isn't your brother there, with you?" I asked. A single tease escaped from her eye and went down by face. "He'd is a student in France. So he have to be gone so study there. I miss him! I haven't seen him for about for months!" she said nearly crying. "Don't cry, love" I said and suddenly remembered what I tought. I can get her! "Just mind that what I will say isn't to make you happy. It's going to make you happy forever! Ok?" I asked. She nodded yes. "Umm... Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked a bit scared of what she will say...

Mag P. O. V. :

He was soo romantic! I can't believe it! Niall asks me that if I want to be his girlfriend. Wow! I felt that my cheeks went all pink. "Of course..." I whispered to his ear. Then he kissed me on my cheek. I've remembered all. I've started to play with his hair. It was so fluffy and nice! "Thanks that you believed in Mariusz on the 1D Day. You were nearest!" I said. "No problem. He is so strong, why in twenty minutes, as Lou said?" he said. I suddenly remembered about Lou. "Lou... Lou... Lou... Oh no! Lou!" I was scared. What is going to happen? He loves me too? So much like Niall? ...

Niall P. O. V. :

"What Lou?" I asked her. "I'm scared. There was an accident in restaurant. He asked me for my age. Then he said that age means nothing to him. I'm scared that if he know about us he would just be so jealous and he would do something to you." she said with so scared voice, that I had to hug her. "No problem. Any wi-fi here" I asked laughing. "Yep, UPC and thirteen after. Password is '...'. What are you going to do?" she said. "Post my, your and Lou selfie on Twittter, then mine and yours only on Instagram. Ok?" I asked. She nodded yes. "Your nickname on Instagram?" I asked. "It's madzixu. And on twitter I'm madzixubejbas. Got it?" she said. She was so happy! I nodded yes and opened twitter. I logged on, i just had wi-fi. I posted our trio selfie, then followed her. Aww... Her twitter nickname was 'THANK U NIALL'. Aww, so sweet! After that I went on Instagram and posted our trio selfie. Then our duo selfie. I stared and watched loads of comments and likes under those two photos. Under trio selfie I wrote a comment "Our trio while traveling. Always best! Follow @madzixu ". Then under our duo I wrote "She said yes! Welcome sleepover!".

Then we ate loads of very good food. Then we've watched some films and went to her brother's big bed and went sleep. I was cuddled to my new girlfriend's back. "Goodnight my love."I whispered to her ear. "Goodnight my best only one boyfriend ever!" she whispered.

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