Age doesn't matter

In that book there is a girl witch is twelve years old. She meets Louis Tomlinson in her dad's pizzeria. Lou looks for creative girl, and Magdalena (which is her name) is most creative of every girls that Boobear have known in his life. Then into action turns Niall Horan. At the moment Mag losts one of her best friend, Maya. Magdalena likes Niall most of 1D. Well, there will be some problems to get through it, b'cos she is 12, Louis 21 and Niall 20. To add, Lou and Niall love her and they want her as their girlfriend! What will they do because of that?
Hope you'll like it,


2. At restaurant

At restaurant

Year 2014, 12 of September

Magda P. O. V. :

I walked into my room. Doors were sticked with posters. There was one 1,60 meter Niall James Horan. Next was from biography. It showed Niall that was in smoking. He weared it at his brother Greg marriage in church and on wedding, of course. Another which was limited edition poster added to 'Midnight Memories' CD. You know, you buy CD on its premiere and they give you something. And under big Niall was blue poster with all five guys from One Direction. I was glad my mum and my BF Caroline tolerated them. But my dad not. He said a lot of times that they are making bad music and they are bad and stupid fu***** boys. But he haven't know why like them and their music. Because of the words. And I was so sad, then I started to listen their music. Since I've watched film This Is Us. I said to BB (big Niall- called him Big Bro) "This gonna be great day. I'm gonna se ya in real on concert! Fantastic!". Then I called Mayan, a girl from my class. I had to go concert with her. But first my dad drove us to Pinzimonio, his pizzeria. We both had big hawaiian pizza. Suddenly the door opened and I saw Louis Tomlinson. "Mayan, look. There is Boobear!" I said. "What? Oh my gosh Lou Tommo is here!" She whispered. "I said that second ago. Well, Maja, boys call him Boobear, don't you know?" I said to her. Then I walked straight to him. May followed me. "Hi Boobear! Welcome to Pinzimonio!" I said. "Are you waiter? Well I see you too young." He said with wide opened eyes. "Nope, now you are in pizzeria which my dad has owned. Just wanted to say hello." I said. May was nearly screaming. She jut can't believe that she is standing next to Louis. Her favourite guy from 1D. "Lou I'm so sorry that you've broke with Eleanor. I'm sure you will find true love." May now talked for a while with him. "Sorry, I have to go to the toilet." She suddenly said. Just second after May saying that Niall came in. "Your turn, Mag!" She whispered to me and went to the toilet. "Hey mate I called ya few times. U haven't answered. Wassup?" he asked strangely. "Hey Neil" we laughed. "Mag this is Ni-" he started to say his name, but I stopped. "Lou, I know who he is. Oh, come on, want some pizza Nialler?" I asked. "Yep, nice idea!" he smiled. "Mag, I have something for u to do. Ok? There is CRM [if u don't know what is that, look to first chapter]. Please do one for me. You know how to use it?" He whispered. "Yep. Awesome, I'll do it." I answered. I picked up one and started. It showed a little girl with four fish and some roads on the back. It was awesome. I ended. Wow, how long did May were in the toilet? I'll go to see what's going on. I walked into a small room and knocked to both cabines. Then I heard crying. "Maya? Is it u babe?" she was quiet. "Hun what's going on? Please answer!" I said. She finally went out. Her eyes were red and puffy. She was standing sad and small with face turned to down. "Mag I know you're flirting with Lou. I saw you when he was giving you a pack. It could be for me! I guess..." she yelled at me. I couldn't believe it. "May it was just CRM! Don't worry. I still love Niall, and you know that I am not liking so much Boobear and he just wanted to test my creative. Mayan! Don't worry! I will tell Lou in the moment that u want to talk with him on p-" I heard Louis saying "Mag I need to talk to you in private. Ok?" he said with scared voice. "Ok I'll be here in a moment. Don't worry May. Ok?" I asked her softly. "Fine!" She whispered angrily and I went to hall. Right where Lou was waiting... "How old are you? I need to know!" He said. He was near to yell. "You won't laugh or punish me because of that?" I asked. He nodded no. That meant he won't do anything to me. "I'm 12. You're 21. Umm..." I was confused. "I see there are some... Umm... May I call it... Uhm... Age differences? Bu sorry Mag. It means nothing to me." When I heard that, tears went by my face. I heard May walking out of toilet straight to Lou. She was very angry. She slapped him in cheek. "How dare of you!" She said. Then she walked to get her clothes and bag, then she went out and called her mum, I think, to get her to house. Lou was shocked. We went to our table, in silent. Niall actually was having his second dish, which was spaghetti. "Any ideas for dessert Mag?" he asked. "Tiramisu is very good, and it's with nice sauce. It is actually biggest dessert, but it's not so big. So?" I asked. "Sounds nice!" he said and continued his pasta. I looked at the watch. Oh no! It's 6 pm. And concert is on 7:30! "Boys, hour and half to concert! Have to hurry now. Niall, sorry, you don't have time to eat dessert. Ok?" I asked. "K." he answered. "But how? I think that guys are in arena right now and no one could he is there!" said Lou. "Hope my dad can pick us up and drive to stadium. I'll ask him." I said. I called dad and told him that Maya went home, and if boys can come with us. "We won. He said yes!" I said. When dad's car was under doors, we went into it. "Dad, this is Niall Horan, from One Direction. Niall this is my dad, Paul." I said while they shook hands. "Is that blonde one from your posters? That one from biography, which you have read and second that have one meter and sixty centimeters length? Also that one known from tea with milk and sugar a la Niall?" he asked. "Yep dad, there he is! And this in Louis Tomlinson, also from One Direction. Maya likes him most of them." I said. "Hullo. Your daughter is lovely and helpful." and they also shook their hands. Then we travelled to stadium. While we were in the car, we took some photos of us. On mine, Niall and Lou's iPhones, of course. Niall and dad talked a lot about music, Mike Oldfield and other people who make very good music.

Louis P. O. V. :

She is so nice! I can't stop looking at her, smiling to her and talking with her. Her dad is nice. I love her. And her age doesn't matter. I really want her. But it's hard. She have biography of Niall, a poster from it, another poster which was one meter and sixty centimeters length, and she is to now making tea a la Niall. Wow! Seems that I don't have any chance to be with her because of Niall, but I'll try to do something. Since I broke with Eleanor, I can fall in love with every girl in the world. But one is very important for me: creativity. I really don't tolerate wasting time so I need creative girl which have ideas how to spend time. I could really se that she needs someone to love! I have to do something with Niall. 'He is still looking for his princess!' It's bad, he can get her!

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