Age doesn't matter

In that book there is a girl witch is twelve years old. She meets Louis Tomlinson in her dad's pizzeria. Lou looks for creative girl, and Magdalena (which is her name) is most creative of every girls that Boobear have known in his life. Then into action turns Niall Horan. At the moment Mag losts one of her best friend, Maya. Magdalena likes Niall most of 1D. Well, there will be some problems to get through it, b'cos she is 12, Louis 21 and Niall 20. To add, Lou and Niall love her and they want her as their girlfriend! What will they do because of that?
Hope you'll like it,


5. Ash's Interwiew

Ash's Interwiew

Mag P. O. V. :

I was so scared!!! But then I did something that scared me. Very much. I got on my knees in front of Louis. First strange thing. I started crying. Second strange thing. I started to please his to leave Niall alone. Third strange thing. All looked like that: I fell on my knees, started crying and to please Louis to not harm Niall. Louis had an triumphal smile, which irritated me very much, and Niall was very scared of Louis. He run into interview room. Louis turned to me, stopping watching Niall running. "Well well well, look who we have here! Stop crying you poor girl!" His voice started being nice. "Now, give up from floor and do something with yourself! We have an interview. Right?!" He yelled a little. "Y- ye-yyyyes..." ...

Louis P. O. V. :

I want to kill Niall. She is my girl, not Niall's! Why he can't understand that she is mine! So irritating, really. I have to do something. Fast. As fast as I can. But no, I can't harm him. I looked like promising her that, I think. I know that my mind is full of anger, but really, I love her. Her CRM was pretty pretty. Heh, oh yeah, I think my baby will be with her, etc. ... Oh wait what I said? Baby with her now? Oh no. Never. Not Niall even. Me. In ten years. Maybe...

Niall P. O. V. :

I got to interview room. I was really scared. I wished I looked normal so guys couldn't recognize that somenting is wrong. "Hey, Niall, I'm Ashley Pearl." Said girly voice. "Uhm... Hello then... I'm Niall Horan!" I replied. We started talking about normal things. "There she is!" Said Zayn when he saw Mag walking into the room. "Hello, I'm Magdalena Augustyn. You must be Ashley Pearl." She waved. "Yes, I'm Ashley. So who's your boyfriend?" She asked. "Well..." She was starting but Louis cut her words. "She's my girl!" He said, accenting my.

Zayn P. O. V. ;

The girls started to talk about Mag. There's that chat:

(A. Ash. M. Mag.)

A. So how are u? Any family?

M. Yes. I have loads of cousins, aunts. Oh and I have a brother.

A. Oh I know him. He's Matheo right?

M. Yea. He works in Apo and has many other sponsors. He does and teaches freestyle. He was on third place in Burn in Poland.

A. Wow. And what about you?

M. Well, I'm in my band called Dot Players with Caroline and Matheo, guys from school. In secret we are performing our new album, "Red Stamp". There is also song named the same in it.

A. And other songs?

M. Yes. There is for example it doesn't matter, everything I do, covered original... And some more. It's mostly rap/pop sound.

A. Ok Mag. And do you...

M. Sorry Ash. But this is boys' interview.

A. Ok

*interview between girls end*

"Whoa, you're in a band? Twelve years?" Asked Liam...

Mag P. O. V. :

"Well, in October 2014 I'll be thirteen, so..." I was saying while Liam cut me. "Sorry. Just ok." He said. "No problem, Li." I replied. Boys started to talk with Ash. Boring...

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